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Q: Why does molten calcium chloride conduct electricity?
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Does Caesium Chloride Conduct Electricity?

Cesium Chloride can only conduct electricity in water or while molten. Once cesium chloride is in a solid state it will not conduct electricity.

Why sodium chloride will conduct electricity when molten?

Beacause they consist of free ions which conduct electricity

Is barium chloride conductive?

Not in its usual solid state. But like other ionic compounds calcium chloride will conduct electricity if molten or dissolved in water.

Why does potassium chloride conduct electricity?

Potassium chloride is an ionic solid, the ionic solids can conduct the electricity if they are in molten state or in aqueous solution.

Why molten sulfur can't conduct electricity but molten copper chloride can?

The element copper can conduct electricity. These are two completely different chemical substances.

Is molten NaCl conducting electricity?

Yes, molten sodium chloride conduct electricity; the electrolysis is possible as an industrial process.

If you could melt a sample of sodium chloride would you expect it to conduct electricity?

yes, molten sodium chloride may conduct the electricity but is not a good electrolyte.

Is Sodium chloride do they conduct electric city?

Sodium Chloride solution (dissolved in water) conducts electricity, and molten Sodium Chloride conducts electricty, but dry crystal Sodium Chloride does not conduct electricity.

Why does molten sodium chloride conduct electricity but crystalline magnesium chloride does not?

In the molten state the ions of sodium chloride are free to move. Magnesium chloride would also conduct if it were molten. Since the ions of the magnesium chloride are bound together in the crystal lattice they cannot carry a current.

Why does molten sodium chloride will conduct electricity?

No, it is not. 'Solid sodium chloride doesn't conduct electricity, because there are no electrons which are free to move.'

Solid sodium chloride does not conduct electricity but in molten state conduts electricity readily.Why?

Melted sodium chloride is an electrolyte containing the cation Na+and the anion Cl-.

What ways can you alter the state of sodium chloride so that it will conduct electricity?

Water solution of sodium chloride or molten NaCl are conductors.