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Why does my spouse say he hates me?

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You have to ask him about this. Only him can answer the question.

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In Pokemon what did misty say she hates?

she said that she hates CARROTS, PEPPERS, and BUGS

How do you say God hates me in Latin?

"God hates me" is "Deus me odit" in Latin.

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NO she never sayed the she hates Muslims people

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To say "I hate" is Je Deteste

What to say to a cheating spouse?

Get out!

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say sorry and cry

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elle déteste

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he hates ur guts :( sorryy

What is the best everybody hates chris episode?

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Justin would never say that he hates anyone!! he is a very sweet guy and he loves everybody!! =D

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Odit Deus.

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I say YES! Is she your girlfriend?

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before you say how she hates you because you love her. Why dont you take a step back and ask her why she hates you, and then try to improve the aspects of you that she dislikes?

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episode 13

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because he hates you

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"Il hait" or "Il déteste"

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Il déteste travailler

What does it mean if you text a boy and they say something mean to you?

He hates you

What to do when your little brothers hates you?

Give him a lolly pop and a smile. :) It also depends on why he hates you. Mabey you should just say sorry.

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Where does it say god hates a proud man?

it dose not say god hates a proud man he wants us to be proud of some things he just dose not want us to be boastful though.

Does count Olaf love violet Baudelaire?

No he does say he thinks she's very pretty but hates her as much as he hates her younger siblings and friends

How do you start a conversation with your spouse?

say this to her, make me a samwich

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staying with him