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probably because it is

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You brought a turtle yellow bellied is it the same as a yellow bellied terrapin if not how can you tell the difference?

Both names refer to the same animal. In America terrapins, tortoises and turtles are all referred to as turtles. This has caused some confusion in the hobby and some pet/reptile shops here in the UK also call terrapins turtles. The peninsular cooter (also a terrapin) looks almost identical to the yellow bellied terrapin. Hope this helps.

What type of turtle is Franklin?

He kind of looks like Verne from over the hedge... he might be a Box Turtle in general or maybe some species of slider.

What does a turtle foot looks like?

It is hard, sharp, green with spots of yellow

If you are getting a red eared slider turtle in a couple of days is there anything you need to know about it?

Yes I'm not sure exactly what but this website looks good http://www.redearslider.com/

What kind of turtle has red around its mouth and a hard shell that is a land turtle?

It depends on where the red is on the turtle and also where you found the turtle. Also, how do you know it is a land turtle? Aquatic turtles leave the water and walk for long distances. If the red looks like a horizontal streak, on each side of the head, it could be a red ear slider. There are many pictures of turtles online and thousands of species of turtles. In the U.S., the Red Ear Slider is one of the most common species, though.

Why is a turtle called a painted turtle?

The painted turtle is a turtle with a brightly coloured shell that looks as though it is painted.

Info on the ridely turtle?

This is the best pet in the game because: It looks SO cool when you cast Betial wrath, making it red and huge AND casting the Shellsheild thingy spell at the same time. You get a giant sexy red turtle with a yellow futuristic yellow shield around it!!

How do you define a turtle?

look up turtle species and if you see a turtle that looks like yours and you see the name under it that's your turtle

Do blue bellied lizards have teeth?

it only looks like , but its a question of breathing -not laughing

What does a mother turtle look like?

She looks like her mother told her to. No, seriously. . . |like a turtle|

What are the differences between a turtle and a fish?

well a fish looks like a fish and a turtle doesnt.

Does the huffy Disney cars slider tricycle work like a regular huffy slider?

Yes. The fork looks a bit different, but that's styling only.

Why does a yellow shirt looks yellow?

Because it is made of yellow fabric

How do you tell what type of baby turtle you have?

look on the internet and look up turtle picture species and what ever turtle you see that looks like yours that's you turtle

What does the engine light look like on the chrysler 300?

It looks like a little yellow engine.It looks like a little yellow engine.

How does a tortoise look like?

It looks like a turtle that is old.

What a painted turtle looks like?

A painted turtle mainly in know for it brightly colored neck, under shell, and skin.

How does a kite spider looks?

A kite spider looks red and yellow

Can white gold be turned into yellow gold?

probably depending on how it looks, or real yellow gold i mean for looks u can paint it

IS a loggerhead sea turtle green?

Yes, it looks green underwater

What do turtle looks like?

well green, they have a shell, and a small neck

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