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One possible reason is arcing inside the lamp socket. Loose bulbs can arc inside the socket. One sure sign of arcing is if the light "flickers" when it is on. Take the bulb out of the fixture and examine the contacts on the base. If any part of the base appears burned, there is arcing inside the socket. Arcing can cause a bulb to blow prematurely. Make sure the bulb is tight when istalling a new one. The best cure is to replace either the socket if it's removable, or the whole fixture if it's not. Also if it's an enclosed fixture, the heat from the light bulb can get trapped inside, causing the bulb to overheat, thereby causing it to fail prematurely. This is likely if you have too large a light bulb in the fixture, i.e. using a 100 watt bulb in a fixture designed for a 60 watt bulb. Try a lower wattage bulb.

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Q: Why does one bulb in a fixture blow out?
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How do you loosen a light bulb that is stuck in the fixture?

One way to loosen a light bulb that is stuck in the fixture is to break the bulb. You can then use half of a potato to unscrew the bulb from the fixture. You can also make a loop with duct tape, adhere the middle of the loop to the light bulb. Use the two ends to twist the bulb out of the fixture.

Is a light bulb considered a fixture?

A fixture is what the light bulb goes into.

Can you use a 75 watt bulb in a fixture designed for a 65 watt bulb?

No. Fixture rating is based on the ability of the fixture to dissipate the heat of a bulb. A 75 watt bulb produces more heat than a 65 watt bulb which will result in too much heat build-up for a fixture designed for the lower wattage. If you MUST use a larger bulb, change the fixture.

Can you put a 25 watt bulb in a 30 watt fixture?

Yes, the rating of the fixture is the maximum size bulb that the fixture should take. The fixture is rated to dissipate a certain amount of heat that is generated by a bulb. By putting in a bigger bulb and thereby generating more heat than the fixture was designed for, could destroy the fixture. Some fires have been known to start this way.

Pressure bulb can you use a sodium bulb in a mercury fixture?


How do you connect 250 watt bulb into a ballast?

If the 250 watt bulb is a HID or similar type the ballast comes complete with the fixture. The bulb socket is also part of the fixture and comes pre-wired to the socket. To connect the bulb to the fixture all that has to be done is just screw it into the fixture's socket.

What is a key less light fixture?

It just holds the bulb, does not have a switch in the fixture.

How do you change a head light on a 2000 Honda Passport?

Passport headlights have a bulb inside the fixture, which can be accessed by opening the hood and following the wires into the back of the fixture. If you turn the bulb socket a quarter turn (it only goes one way) it will slide out of the fixture. The bulb is held in the socket by a clip. The new one snaps into the socket, and the socket is re-insterted into the fixture. A quarter turn secures it. Don't handle the bulb with your bare fingers, they will leave oil on it which will shorten the bulb life.

BR30 bulb fit in BR40 fixture?


Can you use a smaller watt bulb in a bigger fixture will it run at bulb watt or fixture watt?

Smaller watt bulb will prevail- The bulb may last longer but may not be as bright as a higher number wattage bulb.

Can a bad lighting fixture cause a light bulb to fail?

If you install a bulb and it immediately fails with a flash then the fixture or more likely the supply voltage is a problem. This is a rare failure mode for the standard screw-in incandescent bulb. Essentially the only way it can happen is if a voltage in access of the rated voltage is applied to the bulb. It is more likely that the fixture shorts out and takes the bulb with it during the current surge. This can happen more easily than a constant over voltage condition, but after that the fixture is usually toast. If there is a ballast built in to the fixture, it can fail in a way that can eat light bulbs. One other failure mode that can reduce life of bulb is an enclosed fixture that overheats and causes the bulb to have a reduced life span.

Can you replace t8 bulb in fixture now using t12 bulb?


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