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Q: Why does our hair change when we grow up?
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How can you start to grow wavy hair?

You can't change how your hair grows.

Can you perminantly change hair color?

You can apply hair color that stays in and doesn't wash out. But you can't change the color of hair before it grows. As it grows out, it will grow out in its natural color, and you will have to keep touching up the roots.

Can your hair grow in an English braid?

Yes your hair could grow if you have your hair up all the time

Should you grow your hair out?

In the winter you should grow your hair out and in the summer either put your hair up or cut your hair

How do Tasmanian devils change as they grow?

More months later,they grow hair.

Why is your hair falling out at the crown of your head?

It because you are a grow up now not a baby when you see your mom your mom might have short hair. So i guess you have grow up hair.

How can you grow your pubic hair faster?

Grow up. Your pubes will follow.

Does your hair grow when it's up?

im sure that your hair is always growing whether it is up or not

Why does your hair grow unevenly?

hair can grow unevenly due to sleeping on only one side of your head. ...if you normally wake up on your right side, your hair doesnt grow.

What to say to your friends when they mock you because you dont have armpit hair?

"grow up" "grow up"

Does facial hair grow higher up your face as you grow older?


Does your hair grow fast if you tie it up?

I don't think so. Your hair will not grow faster if it is tied up. If you tie it too tightly though you will do damage and could cause your hair to fall out because of traction on the hair.