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As far as my knowledge is concerned, PCC is used for 2 purposes

1. It is used as a protective layer for the RCC above so that water from the RCC is not absorbed by the earth below.

2. Provides a base for the concrete and also helps workers to set out the structure above in a easier way

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Q: Why does plain cement concrete is used?
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What are the components of concrete?

cement fine aggregates and course aggregates and water for the hydration of cement are the main component of plain cement concrete. and for RCC M-S bars are used with these component.

What is mean by pcc in civil engineering?

PCC in construction refers to Plain Cement Concrete, which is used as a preparatory base for laying RCC footing. Though PCC is also concrete, this is lean in nature, the ratio being 1:4:8. The compressive strength achieved with this mix is normally 7.5kN/

How much sand and aggregate required 1 cubic meter of plain concrete cement?

For plain cement concrete, the aggregate used is of size 20 mm. For RCC structures, it is 40mm and for roads, it is 80mm

What is dry lean concrete?

A plain concrete with a large ratio aggregate to cement than structural concrete. It is used for filling and not structural duties

What are the ingredients of plain cement concrete?

Aggregate, Ordinary Portland Cement, sand, water

What is PCC and RCC?

RCC is Reinforced Cement Concrete. PCC is Plain Cement Concrete. The main difference is that PCC has no reinforcement in it.

What Percentage of cement is used in concrete in a house?

the concrete used in a house is 47% cement

How is cement used in concrete?

Cement, sand and stone is what concrete is made of. Cement is the binding agent.

What is suitable for reinforced cement concrete slab ordinary portland cement or Portland Pozzolana Cement?

Ordinary Portland cement is suitable. As per IRC 21, Portland Pozzolana Cement is limited for Plain Concrete only.

Why cement been used as concrete mixing materials?

cement used in concrete because it gives the strenth to the str

Which things used in IPS cement concrete?

Different minerals used in concrete are cement, water, aggregates, syphorites.

What is reinforced concrete?

Reinforced concrete is concrete reinforced with steel bars because although concrete is very strong in compression (depending on its components) it is very weak in tension and the steel bars make up for the required tensile strength.