Why does pressure increase with area?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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if you mean
y does pressure increase when the area decreases..
then the answer is pretty simple
when you decrease the area the same pressure will still be pressing on it
for example:
there is a box that is putting a pressure of 14N
and the area is 12cm2
there will be 14 n pressing down on 12 cm2
if you decrease the area to 3cm2 there will still be 14 N pressing down

hope it answers your questions

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Q: Why does pressure increase with area?
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What will happen to the pressure inside the container if the volume of a container of gas is reduced?

The pressure inside the container will increase. Pressure (P) is force(F) divided by the area(A) it hits on. If you decrease the area, you increase the pressure.

An increase in results in an increase in an increase pressure.?

Temperature!~ ^^

What does an increase in air pressure mean?

Increase in air pressure means the pressure on piece of area increases by the action of sun

How do you increase filtration rate under constant pressure?

increase the area of filtration

When you increase the area over which pressure is applied?

The pressure decreases because P = F/a where "P" is pressure, "F" is force, and "a" is area.

What will happen in force when area decreases?

pressure will increase

If you increase force keeping the area the same what happens to pressure?

if force increaces and area stays the same then pressure

What do you do to increase the amount of pressure by whwere the force is applied?

Since Pressure is Force per Unit Area (P = F/A), there are intuitively two ways to increase pressure. You can either keep the area constant and increase the force being applied, or keep the force constant and decrease the area on which the force acts.

If a constant force is spread over an area and that area gets smaller what happens?

If the force remains constant, then the pressure - which is force per unit area - will increase.

What happens to pressure when you increase the area to twice the size?

it bursts!!!

It is possible to increase the amount of pressure by the amount of area where force is applied.?

The surface area

It is possible to increase the amount of pressure by blank the area where force is applied?

The surface area