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A black ring, on specifically the right middle finger, represents asexuality.

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A black ring on the middle finger is usally worn by asexual people. This is just something they wear and use to signify and bring pride to their asexuality.

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Q: Why does q wear a ring on his middle finger on impractical jokers?
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What finger is your ring finger?

Your ring finger is the finger between your middle finger and your pinky.

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It is the measurement between the thumb and middle finger, thumb and ring finger and middle finger to ring finger.

What is your promise ring finger?

The middle finger

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Where is the ring finger located?

The ring finger is located between the little and middle finger on each hand. The ring finger is the fourth finger on a human hand and is used to put the wedding ring on.

Ring on middle finger?

no on the finger nearist your pinki Answer It means the ring fits best on that finger...nothing more.

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The left ring finger. That's the finger between the middle finger and the pinky.

Is that right to where a ring in middle finGER?

wear them where you like, its your finger

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for pro: your index and middle finger, for beginners: index finger , middle finger & ring finger

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A normal human doesn't have five fingers on one hand. You only have four because you call you pinky the pinky fingerand you call your ring the ring finger, you call the middle the middle finger, you call the index the index finger. But you don't call the thumb the thumb finger it is just a thumb. So you really only have four fingers not five.

What are all your fingers called?

(Right hand) (Left to Right)Pinky,Ring finger,Middle finer,Pointer,ThumbIn layman's terms: forefinger, middle finger, ring finger and pinky finger. Most consider the thumb a thumb and not a finger. I disagree.

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