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There`s religioins because long , long time ago noboby knew how the earth was made and why it is there . Then many people said that they met Gods or they heard from God so now there are many different religions.

Organised religions causes wars because like Jues and CHristian believe that their Gods promised a `Promised Land ` which is in Jeruslem so they are fighting that the land is THEIR Promised Land.

We haven't known the purpose of our religions. Formerly, people were scared of lightening, and natural disasters... So, people used to seek help from external which can be invisible. So, they create that there must be someone who is powerful and can protect us from fears and worry...So, religions came to be exist for peace, harmony, and to avoid fears and worries. We must understand therfore; the purpose of religions are not for wars but for ethical living, peace and to live harmoniously. It the followers mistake how they understand and use of common sense. Being fundamental follwers of our religions won't bring peace; but promoting real peace and helping with compassionate mind without discrimination are recommendable. We love to live and be protected. We don't like to suffer and feel the pain.

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It doesn't, particularly, but those who want war sometimes use it as an excuse to attract support from those with no material stake in a conflict.
James Harrington, observed that "if war were for land, where one man had 1000 acres and another has one acre, the man with one acre would not venture so far as the one that had 1000, but religion is equal to both. Then all men would say is fight for land. ?A: 2
Religion was not the reason for the wars. Greedy opportunistic people who crave absolute power and authority are the cause of religious wars.
Religion gave politicians and the rich individuals the tools to control their workers and servants.
Crafty individuals cleverly exploited the ultimate human fear of death. Their objective was achieved by creating an abstract concept of Heaven and Hell so that they could induce their workers to maintain loyalty and obedience through the fear of sin and death.
They used natural acts of nature to authenticate their ingenuous fabrication. They convinced the gullible workers that these natural disasters were demonstrations of God's wrath upon them for their various misgivings from time to time.
When a competing religion threatens the economic control of another then terrorism and persecution is used to destroy the competition. Religious wars have more to do with wealth, power and greed, than it has to do with righteousness and piety.

Ever hear about the crusades? Christian Europeans hated Muslim Arabs and to stop the spread of Islam they tried to destroy it
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Religion is an avenue to reach God. The followers of different religions usually have a tendency of trying to prove that they are superior to other religions so wars are caused.


Asking 'why is religion often the cause of wars' is like asking why a religion has so many sects.


consider the emotionalism involved in beliefs over afterlife eternity.

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Q: Why does religion cause war?
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The most common cause of unintended war is what?


Will economics or religion cause the next world war?

Probably 60-40 on the side of economics.

What do all causes of War have in common?

Since Man has evolved, their has been many wars other thousands of years. There is only 1 cause of War which plays part in all causes of war including World War 1 and 2, War in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The common cause is Religion. Religion has been very common in the cause of war. even though some wars like World War 1 was caused by an assassination it still related to Religion. The relations is that countries have different ways of looking at Religion. Another example is the Gulf War which is happening since 9/11. The Gulf War was caused by 9/11 and 9/11 Happened because: 1. Planned By Osama Bin Laden. 2. People hijacked and Smashed planes into the Twin Towers. Despite this, Al Qaeda is a Rebellious Team which is a Muslim Religion. Muslim ain't common in America, that's the 3rd Cause.

How was religion a cause to the civil war?

because it created secularism in the south, this lead to the south secceding from the union

What is the root cause of war between Muslim and Christian?

I would say it is intolerance - with each religion believing that its own religion - and its believers - is better than the other.

When was The Religion War created?

The Religion War was created in 2004.

How has religion been important in history and modern times?

A:It is reasonable to say that religion creates history, and history creates religion. Even when religion was not the primary cause of war, military success was attributed to the gods. The defeated people often considered whether their gods could any longer help them in times of war.

Religion in the Civil War?

How did the Civic religion have anything to do with the Civil War?

Does religion ever cause war?

yes, its all because of michael jackson and jesus haveing butt booty sex

Which is the most common reason for war?

The most common reason for war is selfishness. Some one wants power, control. land, natural resources or something another people group has that he or she does not have. The second most common reason is revenge and greed.

What impact did religion have in World War I on its outcome and on the people during the war?

It had 0% impact. World War I had nothing to do with our religion is good vs. your religion is bad and you should be exterminated for it. That's the Holocaust, NOT to be confused with World War I.Correctionreligion had nothing to do with the holocaust at all. that was about racial purity and the stab in the back theory by thr Germans following VersailleCorrection to the previous comment that "World War I had nothing to do with our religion is good vs. your religion is bad and you should be exterminated for it.":Religion was not the cause of WW1. And on the Western Front there was certainly no religious aspect to what went on. However, the Western Front was not the only front in the War. Elsewhere, there was fighting in territories that had formed part of the Ottoman Empire, and while WW1 was going on there are certainly reports of religiously-motivated genocide. The Ottomans were reported to have killed tens, possibly hundreds of thousands of people who were members of the Assyrian Community, whose religious affiliation was mainly Christian. There are similar reports of genocide by Ottomans against Christian Greek and Armenian Communities.More is available at:link belowCorrect Answer:many people say that religion was not a factor in World War 1 but it actually was. The cause of World War 1 was a visit to Serbia from Austria's Archduke where he was assassinated by one of the many angry Serbians who were mistreated by the Austrian Government who enforced higher taxes to pay for churches. So Austria invaded Serbia angering other countries which turned into everyone picking sides and fighting each other. So technically religion was a root cause of World War 1. And World War 2 was also mainly caused by religion. Primarily Catholicism cause these wars. Just like most wars, World War 1 was started by religion.

Patriotism is the biggest cause of war?

no, most of the wars during mankinds world domination have been related to religionone of the best known wars that was not religion related was the second world war