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It doesn't, particularly, but those who want war sometimes use it as an excuse to attract support from those with no material stake in a conflict.
James Harrington, observed that "if war were for land, where one man had 1000 acres and another has one acre, the man with one acre would not venture so far as the one that had 1000, but religion is equal to both. Then all men would say is fight for land. ?A: 2
Religion was not the reason for the wars. Greedy opportunistic people who crave absolute power and authority are the cause of religious wars.
Religion gave politicians and the rich individuals the tools to control their workers and servants.
Crafty individuals cleverly exploited the ultimate human fear of death. Their objective was achieved by creating an abstract concept of Heaven and Hell so that they could induce their workers to maintain loyalty and obedience through the fear of sin and death.
They used natural acts of nature to authenticate their ingenuous fabrication. They convinced the gullible workers that these natural disasters were demonstrations of God's wrath upon them for their various misgivings from time to time.
When a competing religion threatens the economic control of another then terrorism and persecution is used to destroy the competition. Religious wars have more to do with wealth, power and greed, than it has to do with righteousness and piety.

Ever hear about the crusades? Christian Europeans hated Muslim Arabs and to stop the spread of Islam they tried to destroy it
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Q: Why does religion cause war?
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Religion, intolerance, scapegoating, and dissatisfaction with the interference into Germany after World War I

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money power religion

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No it wasn't i think power was

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the main cause of war is religon Hi callum and griff come on then There are many causes of war inc: religion, Land and Power

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Yes. Because god told us to bomb the crap into them.

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because it created secularism in the south, this lead to the south secceding from the union

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Actually, religion do not cause the conflict, it is the persons that misinterpretate religion the ones who cause the conflicts.

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I would say it is intolerance - with each religion believing that its own religion - and its believers - is better than the other.

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Religion is the root cause of war so does that mean god wants war?

Your premise is itself dubious. Before posing your question, you need to demonstrate the claim in the first part of the question. On the contrary, though there is plenty of reason to say that people are motivated by their religious beliefs or that they use them to justify war or to fortify them once the are at war, none of this is the same as religion itself being the "root cause of war".And there are many examples of war clearly NOT waged for religious reasons and in which those who led did not even make a pretense that religion was a reason, such as:* people of the same religion going to war with each other, and even of siding with others of different religions against another group of their own, that we would have to say religion was clearly NOT the cause of these wars (This incidentally includes many battles in the Middle East during the time of the "Crusades", supposed premier examples of wars that were primarily about religion!)* several major examples from the 20th century in which groups that very specifically opposed religion (identifying themselves as atheist) went to war(By the way, can you explain how, for example, how religion was "the" or even just "a" root cause of the American Civil War or World War I, under which this question has been categorized?! Try the same with the various other wars in American history, and its difficult to find any examples for which religion was arguably a/the root cause.)

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