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Probably because she has to be on stage for hours during tapings.

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Why does Rupaul have a colostomy bag?

Probably because she has to be tucked for hours during tapings.

In what kind of bag does human waste belong in?

Some patients who have certain kinds of cancers will wear a colostomy bag.

What is a colostomy bag made of?

Colostomy bags are made of plastic.

Can a personal care assistant assist with the change of a colostomy bag?

A personal assistant can help with the change of a colostomy bag if that is what is needed for the patient's care.

Does neil diamond wear a colostomy?

No Neil Diamond does not wear a colostomy. He doesn't have a problem in that area ...... I don't think.

Can you swim with a colostomy?

Yes you can. Colostomy bags are waterproof. Although, you should empty your bag before you go in the water.

When was the colostomy bag invented?

Definitely before 1939, because my Grandfather had one then.

Can you reduce the length of the large intestine?

Part of the large intestine can be removed when medically necessary, but the patient may have to wear a colostomy bag if they are no longer able to have a normal bowel movement.

What is is surgical creation of an artificial excretory between the coolant in the body surface?

The surgical procedure is a colostomy, which entails the fitting of a colostomy bag to collect the faeces and urine.

Does digestion take a shorter period of time when you have a colostomy bag?

Yes. With a bag food does not go through the whole digestive system.

What would happen if someone did not have large intestine?

If you did not have either a large or small intestine, your digestive system would have problems. You would have to wear a colostomy bag (worn outside the body) which collects waste.

What kind of supplies are necessary for someone with a colostomy?

There are a few special types of supplies that are required for someone with a colostomy. This includes items such as sterile wipes, a stoma bag and sterile gauze.

Why is there discharge from rectum with a colostomy bag in place?

It is a mucus that forms in the large intestine (after the area of the bag) therefore it can't go into the bag and has to come out of the rectum. It's nothing to be worried about. :)

Why is a colostomy placed on the left side of the body?

A colostomy is on the left side because the patient has had the last part of their large intestine removed from the sigmoid colon top the anus. That is the last functioning part of their large intestine, so they place the stoma and the colostomy bag in that location, on the left side. If they have a ileostomy, then the bag is on the right side because they have had their entire large intestine removed and the bag collects the fecal matter from the end of the small intestine.

Why does George Clooney have a colostomy bag?

He doesn't. In 2011, he gave an interview in which he said that he wanted to do high-quality films rather than just blockbusters. Clooney said: "When they do that thing for you when you're 75 and they bring you out in a wheelchair and you've got a colostomy bag hanging off the side of you, you don't want them to say: 'You had 20 films that opened No. 1.'" Some people mistook that as an admission that he currently has a colostomy bag, but there's no evidence that that's the case.

Where is blood in the colostomy bag coming from if not from the stoma?

lots of what appears to be blood in hard stool forming in colostomy bag and now takes some effort to make it come out of colostomy using a warm fluid and warm water to help the process also be advised removal of gall bladder with in the last three months please note any suggestions you might have on this matter

What happen if there is no urethra?

They would put a catheter through your stomach and add a bag to it. Like a colostomy but for the bladder.

What would be the consequences if your large intestine was surigical removed?

If your large intestine was surgically removed, you might need a colostomy bag. This is a bag that goes from your small intestine (in this circumstance) to the bag, to remove feces.

Why does George Clooney have a colostomy bag'?

That's nobody else's concern but HIS ! His medical conditions are nobody else's business !

Does urine go in a colostomy bag?

There are three types of 'ostomies'. A Urostomy is for urine. A colostomy is made from the large intestine. An ileostomy is made from the small intestine. Normally you would only have one of these. But some people with complications may need both a urostomy and colostomy. Then it would be two separate bags.

Is rupaul HIV positive?

No, RuPaul is not HIV positive.

Does everyone in the world defecate?

Yes. Every healthy human defecates. Some have to use a colostomy bag to get the wastes out of their body.

What happens when pus is in the colostomy bag?

Pus indicates that there is an infection. The person should go visit their doctor very soon.

How do you get a colostomy bag off?

You should've got some adhesive spray which helps pull it off, you can get this from your stoma nurse otherwise.

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