Why does salt dissolve in Sprite faster than it dissolves in tap water?


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Because Sprite has ingredients

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Aspirin dissolves quicker in distilled water than in sprite

Candy corn is mostly sugar and Sprite is mostly water, sugar dissolves in water.

It dissolves faster in warm water.

Jello dissolves faster in sugar not water.

Yes. It dissolves in cold water too, but it dissolves faster in hot water.

salt dissolve faster in hot water

Yes, coffee dissolves faster in hot water.

Neither can dissolve as they are water

i dk i guess sugar dissolve in water faster.

Sprite, water, Kool-Aid, milk, and saliva dissolves mints.

Sugar dissolves in both. However, it dissolves a lot faster in HOT water

You put hot water in the vinegar and it dissolves it faster.

coffee dissolves faster in hot water rather than in cold water, .....

AnswerYes. The hotter the water, the faster it will dissolve.

because the water has no mixture of more then one item , and sprite has carbohydrates that slows it down.

Dye is soluble in water. Hot water just dissolves it faster.

Hot water does not dissolve. Neither does "cold". And, the grammatically correct question would be "Hot does hot water dissolve faster than cooler water."

it dissolves faster in hot water. than in room temperture. :]

To dissolve it, you just put it in cool water and stir. If you want it to dissolve faster, you can grind it up and then pour the cool water and stir. You can see which one dissolves faster by pouring ten ml of water into each one (powder and whole) and time them to see which one dissolves faster.

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