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Things float in water if they are less dense than the water they are floating in. Putting salt in the water makes it more dense, so things that are a little more dense than ordinary water float in salt water.

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Q: Why does salt in water make objects float?
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Do objects float the same in salt water and fresh water?

objects float better because chemicals help make the objects float higher. the more salt the higher the things go

How do objects float higher in salt water?

Objects float higher in salt water due the density caused by the salt, the more salt present in the water the higher the object will float.

Why does salt water make objects float?

Because it is more dense

Will an objects float better in water or salt water?

an object will float on salt water best

Do objects float more in salt water or fresh water?

salt water

Do objects float in pure or salt water better?


Does objects that float in water float in salt water?

Yes. Salt water has a slightly higher density then fresh water which means its a little easier for things to float in salt water. So if it floats in fresh water it will certainly float in salt water.

Why does salt water affect the way objects float?

salt water is different from tap water. when salt is added to water it converts the tap water to salt water. This increases the density of the water, and allows more objects to float above it. remember, when objects are mixed like that, the greater the density, the further it is from the surface.

How do objects float differently in salt water than in fresh water?

the salt makes the water denser then the fresh water so it is easyer to float in.

What is the answer to the question does an object float in saltwater freshwateror neither?

It's far from clear what the actual question is. Some objects float in both salt and fresh water, some objects float in neither, and some objects float in one but not the other. Any object that floats in fresh water will float in salt water, but the reverse is not true.

Is it easier to swim in saltwater?

When salt is dissolved in water, as it is in ocean water, that dissolved salt adds to the mass of the water and makes the water denser than it would be without salt.Because objects float better on a dense surface, they float better on salt water than fresh water. The denser the salt water, the easier it is for objects to float on top of it.

Why can't heavy objects float without salt?

They can float without salt - It's the ratio of water displaced by the object in relation to its weight of the object that allows it to float - not the salt content of the water.