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Whether an object floats or not depends on its density. Density is the amount of mass in a volume, or mass divided by volume. If and object's density is less than that of water, it will float in water, and if an objects density is higher than that of water, it will sink in water.

raw material (fishballs will sink down);but it will floats when it is cook.


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Q: Why does some food float and some food not?
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Why do some cooked food float on soup?

Because of Density.

Why do some cooked food eg fishballs float in soup?

There is air in the food. So, it floats

Some cooked food float on soup?

Croutons, are very small cubes of fried bread used to 'garnish' soup, and they do float on top of the soup.

Some cooked food float in soup?

A Dumpling is a cooked food that floats in soup,because it is lighter than the liquid it dislpaces.

Do all shoes float?

some float

What are some interesting facts about astronauts?

some intersting facts are that asternouts ~ they sleep while standing~ ~they eat dry space food~ ~they can float in their spaceships~

What if a plate with food doesn't have gravity?

The food would float, as well as the plate

Does salt water float?

On some liquids it will float, on others it will not.

Why do some turds float and some turds float?

It is the amount of gas in your turd. Gas is lighter and therefore a turd with more gas will float.

What would happen to an orange in space?

it would just float away that's why astronauts have to hold on to there food in space but it would be cool to just see your food float away

How do you eat food in space?

The food of the astronauts are in tubes and daily trays. The food is in tubes as they will float about and be messy, as there is no gravity out there.

Can a block float in olive oil?

If it is lighter than the oil, it will float, if not it won't. Most plastics are about the same density of most oils. Some will float some won't.