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Why does some wood burn with blue flame?


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The hotter the flame, the less color (and light) given off. Bright, yellow flames are the result of carbon that has not been burned, where blue flames indicate a near total burning of the fuel. Other chemicals present in the wood can color flames- sometimes added for the appearance- red, yellow, blue, green.

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No wood does not burn better than charcoal. In charcoal there are no particles that do not burn hence it gives you a clean flame.

Dry wood will ignite in the presence of a flame at temperatures above Wood will spontaneously ignite (no flame present) above ( 350oC ( 660oF). 600oC 1110oF).

a different color flame, will indicate the different levels of oxygen intake of the flame. when the flame is blue, it indicates that the flame has a very low amount of O2 in the gas which is trying to burn. And when the flame is RED, means that there is more oxygen available when it is burnt.

Answer:Color of a flame depends primarily on its temperature. In the visible spectrum, red is the coolest, blue the warmest. The yellow you see in burning wood is from its lower temperature and the incandescence of fine particles in the flame called soot. The soot is formed because of a lack of oxygen during combustion. Natutral Gas burns at a higer temperature and tends to burn more completely in the environments we use it in, so you see a blue flame and little to no soot.

In the first spep the majority of organic materials are burned.

Sort of. Think of wood - it will burn BUT you must heat it to the point that it vaporizes (because only vapors make flames). Note that some of the same wood burns without actual flame.

A flame can only ignite dry materials. Wet materials, if the spark catches, brings more smoke than flame.

No, a liter does however burn faster due to the fact that it is burning butane rather than wood.

Depends, my friend. Different things burn different fires. For example, you know when trees or wood catch on fire, and the flame is usually orange? Well, when different materials burn, like boulders, you will need a green flame, because if you try to light it orange, that's why the flame will go out quickly, because it isn't strong enough. So, in order to get blue fire, you need to probably light metal, or hand sanitizer.

Petrified wood- wood that has turned to stone. Any other wood WILL burn, some better than others.

Yes, you can burn apple wood in a fireplace. It generates very little smoke and hotter than normal firewood. It is a good heat output with a small visible flame and ideal for wood-fire. It is a safely and efficiently burned in fireplace.

Except for petrified wood (wood that has turned to stone) all wood will burn. Some burns easier than others, some gives off more heat, and some woods are poisonous, and should not be burned- but all wood is capable of burning.

The wood of the tree will burn some what like Pine. But the bark is 6 inches or more thick and has natural flame retardant properties. as long as the wood is not exposed by the bark haven been broken off or there is not a large amount of dry fuel like dead falls next to the base of the tree it will not burn normal brush ans weeds that grow in the area of the trees would not burn a long time and will not degrade the bark to the point that the wood of the tree will start to burn.

Dry seasoned wood is the absolute best wood to burn. It is dry, therefore, it has the ability to burn for a longer amount of time. It is a good wood to burn for bon-fires!

some people don't believe it but you can burn everything drugs,wood,plastic the lot

Hope this article may help you: Types of Firewood You can Burn in Your Wood Stove

Because coal is more compact than wood (it is compressed wood plus organic oils essentially) so has more combustible material in a denser form. This reduces the flame fronts accessability to oxygen.

No. The sun's flame is the result of the nuclear fusion of hydrogen atoms, whereas the burning of a log is the result of a combustion reaction.

This is because there is salt on the driftwood which has been absorbed when the wood is floating around salty water. When salt is put in a flame, it burns green.

Both. Heated wood gives off gasses that burn. Charcoal (carbon) will also burn.

If you try to burn wood that was cut down that year, there will be some left over water in the wood that will make it harder to burn. So, the wood is seasoned, by being stored for a few years before being burned, to let the wood dry out.

Yes: it is a relatively soft wood, so it may burn hot and fast.

wood will burn faster because plastic grows it is like a body has a bone system I don't know what 'bone system' is being refered to. Some plastics burn much faster than wood; eg unmodified polystyrene burns vigorously.

temperature and the amount of oxygen. it depends on what kind of flame it is, like if its a gaseous flame or wood flame.

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