Why does sprite make you burp?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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The carbonation makes you burp.

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Q: Why does sprite make you burp?
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How do you burp really loud?

Drink sprite then suck in air when u feel the burp coming

Does Sprite calm your stomach?

Any drink with 'bubbles' will make you burp. Carbonation helps sometimes, by causing you to burp, which can relieve pressure but really doesn't have a ton to do with an upset stomach. And Sprite, 7 up and ginger ale are good for upset stomach.

What happens to your body when you drink a bottle of sprite?

The gas builds up in your stomach and you burp.

Did joe drink coke or sprite and then burp in santas clause movie?

Cocacola i believe

How do you burp on cue?

Plug you nose and drink something with gas and let it go

What soda makes you burp more?

Well this is what i think......Sprite!! Well lemonade and in a close second coke!!!!!!Whatever has the most carbonation, and lemonade has none .And Dr. Pepper!!!!

What soda makes you burp the most?

For me it's Root Beer

How do you burp the ABC?

you burp, as you are burping make your mouth move as if you were saying a letter

Does Pepsi make you burp?

Yes, just like any carbonated beverage, it can make you burp.

How do you cure Stomachaches?

All you do is drink Sprite or Ginger Ale lay on your left side and you'll burp then put your legs up high on pillows then maybe try tums or peptobismol

Does sprite have grapefruit juice in it?

Sprite does not have grapefruit juice. There is a grapefruit juice which has sprite in it. You can add sprite to nearly any drink to make a spritzer.

How do you make a sprite shoot in game maker?

A sprite cannot contain code.