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Q: Why does sugur water make objects sink?
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Why the objects sink?

Objects sink when the density of the object is more than that of the water.

Why do heavy objects sink in water?

Objects sink in water because they are denser than water, not necessarily because they are heavier.

What can sink in water?

heavy objects than water can sink in water

How do objects sink or float in water?

objects with higher density than water sink, ones with a lower density float

Objects sink in water because they are heavy true of false?

False. Objects sink in water because they are more dense than water.

What objects that sink in water?

the objects whose density is more than that of fluid sink in the liquid

What can you infer about objeacts that sink or float in water?

Objects that Float in water are less dense than water. Objects that sink are more dense than water. More clearly stated Objects that sink displace less water than their weight of equal measure.

An object most likely sink in water if it has low density?

The lower an objects density the less likely it is to sink in water. Objects with a higher density than water will sink if placed in it while objects with a lower density than water will float if placed in it.

Why do objects sink when placed in water?

Only objects having a density higher than the density of a liquid sink.

Why objects float or sink when placed on surface of water?

Because of the comparative density. If the objects density is greater than water it will sink, if less then it will float.

Will objects with densities higher than water sink or float?

Objects with higher densities than water will sink in water. What they do in other substances depends on the densities of those substances.

What happens to objects that are denser than water?

they sink