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That light is for the Cruise control saying something is wrong with it. Mine came on when i broke the switch to the cruise control. so try replaceing the cruise control.

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Q: Why does the Abs inop light come on in a 1995 camaro z28?
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Why is the ABS INOP light is on my 1995 Camaro?

The ABS light is on because there is a problem with the ABS. As long as the ABS light remains on the ABS will not function if needed.

How do you get the abs light off on a 1995 camaro?

first see if its low on fluid if not there's a fault in the switch ----In my 94 the Abs Inop Light was on. This Caused my cruise control to stop working. My third brake light was out on my spoiler and simply replacing it caused the light to go off and cruise to start working

ABS INOP and transmission isn't working right on a 1995 Firebird. I was told it might be the speed control sensor. Where is it and how do I change it?

where are the abs inop

How come my Tail lights inop all others ok 1987 El-Camino?

Tail lights inop all the others are ok Break lights in the same socket are ok / No power to the tail light side of the socket

Won't pass emissions because service engine light inop?

Replace the light bulb.

Why does the ABS inop light come on in a 2000 Pontiac Firebird?

it is indicating your anti lock system is not functioning because of a bad speed sensor or bad module.

ABP INOP light on dash 1994 comaro won't start?

Hey I am a women out here and can't start my car

1995 Cadillac Seville SLS your check engine soon light is on what is this problem?

Check engine is on BECAUSE the speedo is inop, assuming it was not on prior to speedo malfunction. Speedo is electronic. Could be numerous reasons ( no fuses are involved). Could be something simple like an electrical disconnect at transmission. Good luck

On a 93 3.4 l v6 camaro what does the abs inop light mean on the dash?

ANSWERCheck to see if you have a rear brake light/taillight out. If so...replace the bulb. My 94 had this problem and the cruise went out and the light came on...replacing it fixed itAnswerantilock brake system inoperable. If your lucky, you just new brakes and/or rotors. Can also be deeper like speed sensors or electrical problems. Thanks, I also had the abs inop light and no cruise and ckecked spoiler brake light and both were out fixed 94 chev camero z28 350 Thanks Also had before no cruise and no a/c went to the dealer could not fix but said to try to replace the computer, I sanded the pins on the computer as a last resort with very fine 400 to 1000 grit ok everything worked perfect. If all fails sand pins on ecu

What does the flashing light code 32 for the air bag mean in your Lincoln mark VIII?

If the horn or cruise control is INOP. Replace the clock spring (under the steering wheel).

An 84 S-10 Blazer wipers are inop you have checked the relay and power going to the wiper motor all are good but they are still inop purchased a new motor and they are still inop any suggestions would?

Is the body of the wiper motor grounded? The motors are usually mounted on rubber and needs a grounding strap to the body of the unit.

What could be the problem with a 1995 Cadillac De Ville Sedan if the digital speedometer and odometer stopped working?

if the cluster still lights up but the speedo still inop possible cause is the speed sensor in the transmition

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