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The player does not die... he just had a seizure. he went to the hospital but played the next game

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Q: Why does the Arabian soccer player die with a seizure?
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How can you die of a seizure?

You won't die from the seizure itself, its something else that causes the seizure to make you die.

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Yousuf Khan - soccer player - died in 2006.

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In letters to god does tyler die?

In both the movie and the book Tyler dies of the brain tumor, medulloblastoma. He dies after he has the seizure on the soccer field.

Did anyone ever die on the field in pro football?

American Football-Yes, in 1971 a Lions wide receiver had a heart attack while running a route and died. Soccer-a Sudi Arabian soccer player dies on field. People think he broke his neck...=/

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Can you die from a seizure lasting to long?


Is it possible for someone to die from a petit mal seizure?

A petit mal seizure will not kill a person.

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Can someone die from a seizure?

No. However, depending on where the seizure occurs, you can die from environmental conditions. For instance, a grand mal seizure while SCUBA diving is serious indeed. The seizure is the symptom of something else -- an underlying cause. So dying from a seizure isn't really possible, but the underlying cause may be fatal.

Can a 14 year old healthy child with epilepsy die from a seizure?

unfourtunately, yes. Depending on how severe the seizure is, and the circumstances in which the seizure was caused, and where it took place.

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