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because there is 12

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Q: Why does the European flag has 12 stars?
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How many stars on the European Union's Flag?


What colour is the The European Union flag?

The European Union flag is a blue background with a circle of 12 yellow stars.

How many stars on the flag of Europe?

If you mean the flag of the European union, there are 12 of them. Otherwise, each country has an own flag.

What does the flag of the European look like?

The flag is straightforward : 12 yellow stars in a circle on a field of blue. (There are images of the European Union flag at the related links below.)

What is the colours in the European flag?

Dark blue background and 12 gold stars in a circle.

What does the flag of the European Union look like?

European union flag is the symbol of the European Union It represents Europe's unity and identity in a wider sense. The circle of gold stars represents solidarity and harmony between the peoples of Europe.

What doe the European Union flag look like?

European Union flag shows a circle of 12 5-pointed gold (yellow) stars on a blue field.

What is the EU flag?

A picture of the European Union flag is located in the link below.

What does the star on the french flag mean?

The French flag has no stars it is a three color flag that is from left to right blue, white, and red. You may be thinking of the European Union flag which is blue with 12 stars (representing completeness, due to the commonality of 12 in European culture; 12 hours, 12 months, 12 ounces in the troy pound, 12 Olympian gods, 12 tables of Roman law,etc.) arranged in a circle.

The European Flag is a circle of 27 stars on a blue background?

No, it has 12 stars in a symmetric circle. It doesn't correspond to the number of member states.

How many stars are there on the European union?

There are twelve stars in the European Union flag. The flag is actually the Council of Europe flag, but was later adopted for use by the European Union. The twelve stars are all positioned like the hours of a clock, and are all facing upwards. Despite common misconception, the number of stars has no real meaning, and is a fixed amount. Unlike the Flag of the United States it doesnt represent a country or state.

How many red stars on the American flag?

there is 12 red stars on the flag