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Try a different shop if can't solve it. If you have less than 36,000 miles, take it back to the dealer for warranty repair. PO301 is a misfire in the first cylinder. Were the codes properly cleared when the work was done? He could have eliminated the injector by swapping it with another cylinder. Say he moves the injector to cylinder 2, The ecm should show po302 if it is bad. Therefore, you can move a wire (both ends) to a different cylinder or the plug. A misfire could also come from coolant entering the cylinder. How did that plug look on #1 cylinder?

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2004-01-27 20:12:28
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Q: Why does the SES light stay on?
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What is the worst thing that can happen if you leave your Service Engine Soon light on after 3 trips to the dealership?

That all depends on what has caused the SES light to come on in the first place.Pull the codes for reference, clear the codes, then see if they come back.If the SES light returns, pull the code(s) and fix the pertinent problem.

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