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Why does the US use so much oil?

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The US uses a lot of oil because there are millions of cars in this country. There are also millions of motors that are not in cars that also use oil. There are several products that are made with oil as well.

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Why does motor use so much on mitsuibish?

Use so much what? Oil?

Does the US produce enough oil for all of its citizens to use?

If it did, we wouldn't be importing so much.

Why does US import so much oil when US is the third largest producer in the world?

Because we use it for everything including the growing of corn used to make ethanol.

Does the US produce its own oil?

The US is the third largest oil producing country in the world, but we use about double the amount we produce, so we are also one of the biggest importers of oil. So, yes and no.

Can alternative energy sources reduce US dependence on foreign oil?

Yes, of course. If we use solar, hydro and wind to generate electricity, then we don't have to buy so much foreign oil.

How much oil do you use in the US each day and at what rate is it increasing?

The US is the top consumer of oil in the world. About 9.6 million barrels of oil are consumed each day (not just for cars) in the US, so on average (divided by about 300,000,00) each person consumes about0.0653barrels per day.

Is aromatherapy carrier oil OK to use as massage oil with no added aroma?

Yes, you can certainly use it without an essential oil, but the massage will be so much more effective with it.

Why does your Mini Cooper S use so much oil?

You probably have a leaking oil seal or cylinder head gasket.

When did US stop producing the Oil?

The US still produces a lot of oil, especially in Alaska and Texas. But we use more oil that we produce so we have to import oil from other countries such as Saudi Arabia and Mexico. In the US, oil companies are still looking for other wells with oil to replace the wells where all the oil has been recovered.

Is sperm oil in use today?

Sperm oil comes from sperm whales, they are an endangered species. Besides the oil was not used so much for cooking as for lighting.

How much oil does a car use a year?

Depends on how worn the engine is. An engine in good condition won't hardly use any oil at all, maybe a cup or so, while there's virtually no limit to how much oil a worn engine can consume.

Why does civic use so much oil?

Either it is leaking out of the engine, or the piston rings/ valve seals are shot and the engine is burning oil.

Why is oil so important to the US?

oil is so important to the us because without it we wouldn't be able 2 fuel cars.

How much oil do you put in your pressure washer oil pump?

Depends on the manufacture and the size of the pump. These pumps use a special oil so contact the manufacture for the exact amount and type oil.

Ways to conserve oil?

Try not to use it as much. Buy a hybrid car so you can save the oil and money too. Oil takes over 1,000 years to make.

Does Canada supply the most oil to US?

I think crude oil and oil is the same thing and if so yes Canada does supply the most oil to the US

Why is so much iron manufactured?

Because it's so useful to us, we use it for lots of things.

How much oil do you use for an oil change in a 1991 Volvo 740 Turbo SE?

4 quarts in the non turbo so should be around the same

How much oil does an xr100r take?

one quart 10w40 four stroke motorcycle oil. do not use car or truck oil. 10w40 4 stroke oil is car & truck oil which are also 4 stroke engines. You can use the very same oil you use in your car and truck as long as you use the correct weight which is 10w30 and not 10w40. There is no difference in so-called motorcycle oil and car or truck oil. I do however highly recommend you use full synthetic oil in any air cooled engine.

How can you ship olive oil from Croatia to US?

Cans. Bottles. pretty much any way you want! The question is how much? Personal use? or importing for resale? JESS Kalinowsky Professional Travel Consultant There are so many more things more wonderful to send home from Croatis than olive oil!

Use vegetable oil instead of olive oil?

You can use vegetable oil instead of olive oil however olive oil is generally added to recipes for it's taste plus its much healthier for you, but you could use vegetable oil. Think about it this way, you use vegetable oil to cook your chips right? So thierfore it can be used for cooking in food, but think how your chips taste when you leave too much oil on them - that's the taste you'll be adding to your recipe, but, if your going to do it - try be sparing with it or add extra herbs / spices to cover the taste.

Can I use diesel fuel to heat my house instead of 2 fuel oil?

u can use diesel fuel but why would you? heating oil has no tax and is so much cheaper than road fuel

How much is 3000 barrels of oil in liters?

The industry-standard oil barrel contains 42 US gallons of oil. One US gallon = 3.785 liters. So;3,000 barrels x 42 gallons x 3.785 liters = about 477,000 liters.

What did the first light house use for energy?

Oil. And lots of it. Though they had to be careful to not use so much, or else the Lighthouse would go BOOM.

What is the loss of natural resources?

That's where the world provides us with only so much stuff, and eventually we use it up. This will probably happen eventually with fossil fuels (such as oil and natural gas) because we consume them at a much, much faster rate than the earth can produce them.