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The Earth revolves around the sun due to gravity. According to Kepler's laws, the gravity of the sun is greater when the Earth is closer and that causes the Earth to move faster. Earth's revolutionary speed decreases when it gets further away from the Sun is because it takes an effort to move away from the Sun against the gravity of the Sun. This effect is also seen when a ball rolled up a hill side slows down the higher it gets, and speeds up when it rolls down again.

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I'd imagine it's because they have less distance to travel to get around the sun.

Draw yourself a dot as the sun then draw the size of the circle the close planet would have to travel to orbit the sun. Now draw the circle in the size the planet further away would have to travel. Make sense?


That's partly true, the other reason why the planet closer orbits faster is because the closer the planet is to the Sun the stronger the gravitation force is, so the Sun pulls harder.


Imagine it more as how fast you have to travel to not fall in to the Sun.

Imagine yourself as the planet and the force of gravity pulling you into the planet. You have to travel fast enough so that the gravitational pull from the Sun doesn't pull you in. Gravity gets stronger on a squared rule the closer you get to on object, more gravity means you have to travel faster. The closer you are the faster you must go to maintain orbit. Only when the force of gravity and the speed you are travelling at are ballanced will you orbit, any slower and you crash into the Sun any faster and you fly out into space.

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because its orbiting AROUND the sun

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because its none of your buissness<3

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Q: Why does the earth revolve faster when it is closer to the sun?
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When two artificial satellite revolve around the earth the one's closer and the one's further. which one revolve the earth with higher speed?

The one that is closer will move at a higher speed. The same happens, for example, with planets revolving around the Sun - the planets closer to the Sun move faster.

Why do the 4 inner planets revolve around the sun at a faster speed?

Their closer to the sun.

Why does the Moon revolve around Earth and not directly around the Sun?

The Moon and Earth are closer in mass than they are to the Sun.

Earth is closer to the sun in December than in June In which of these two months is earth moving faster around the sun?

when the earth is closer to the sun it travels faster, so in December

What does it mean to say that the planets revolve in an elliptical orbit with the sun at one focus?

that it will be faster when closer to the sun than futher away

Do the gas giants revolve around the sun more quickly than earth?

no, the earth revolves faster than they do

How many times does the sun's revolve?

sun does not revolve, the earth does

Is Sun gravitational power work on Moon also like Earth if yes then y moon does not revolve around Sun?

Because the moon is closer to the earth than the sun, so its gravitational force is stronger at a closer distance.

Which planets have a greater period than one earth year those closer to the sun than to the earth or those farther from the sun than from the earth?

The farther a planet is from the sun, the longer it takes to revolve around it.

Does the earth and other planets revolve around the sun?

yes, the earth and other planets revolve around the sun

What would happen to the season if the earth did not revolve around the sun?

If the earth did not revolve around the sun, there would not be any seasons. The problem is that if the earth did not revolve around the sun, that is, if it came to a stop in its orbit, the sun's gravity (with just the tiniest help from the earth's) would pull the earth into the sun.

Do planets revolve faster or slower when they are close to the sun?

They move faster.