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Q: Why does the flow of materials in phloem reverse direction in winter?
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Why do ocean currents reverse during the winter compared to the direction of the currents in the summer?


What does the white switch on a ceiling fan do?

Reverse direction of the fan. Move air down in summer of breeze, and up in winter for circulation

Describe the wind direction of monsoons and the effect that they produce upon surface currents?

Monsoons blow from one direction in the winter and from the opposite direction in the summer. When the wind reverses, the surface currents produced also reverse.

How does Winter equinox happen?

There is no "winter equinox". Equinox is spring and fall. It is the Winter Solstice, and it happens when the earth reaches the extreme of it's orbital inclination and begins to reverse the inclination in the opposite direction. The days begin to get longer in the northern hemisphere, and shorter in the southern hemisphere.

In a cold winter the phloem cells are damagedhow would the role of phloem be affected in this type of weather?

Sunny winter days cause the phloem cells to lose cold hardiness. Plants warm up during the day, and are susceptible to damage at night when the temperature drops. Losing cold hardiness leads to sun scald and bud and stem death.

Why winter winds are dry?

because the in winter goes in opposite direction...

What materials are used to make winter boots?

GorTex is probably the most well known of the winter boots materials. It is a light-weight waterproof material that makes it an excellent choice for winter boots.

What is a strong wind that blows one direction in winter and the opposite direction in summer?


What are some good materials to make mens winter gloves out of?

Men's winter gloves must be made of materials that are plyable, and warm. The most common materials that gloves are made of are leather, cotton, and polyester.

Which direction do cranes fly in the winter?

to your mums house

Can nylon dress materials be worn on winter season?

Yes it Nylon can be worn in winter season.

What has the author R F Winter written?

R. F. Winter has written: 'Newer engineering materials'

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