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Why does the frothing of proteins occur when shaken in air?

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Because the proteins will be denaturated.

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What does frothing mean?

It means the incorporation of air into some substance to form a foam (a froth).

Why do you have to air-dry the smears before heat fixing?

If you heat fix a slide that has not been air dried cellular proteins may coagulate and cells may get distorted and splattering may occur.

What are 2 substances with nitrogen in them?

proteins air

Does condensation of water vapor occur when air gets warmer?

No. Condensation will occur when they air gets cooler.

What must occur for condensation to occur?

The air must be warmer than what it is touching and there must be moisture in the air.

Why can a free fall occur when there is only no air?

free fall occur if there is no air because there is nothing to resist the fall of the object

Why would your power steering fluid boil?

If it is frothing or turning buddly it has air entering the system causing the hydraulic to turn into a pneumatic. Check you system for any cracks or leaks, and replace your o-rings.

Do thermals occur as a result of hot and cold air movements?

Yes, thermals do occur as a result of hot and cold air movements.

What two conditions are necessary for cloud formation to occur?

For cloud formation to occur, You need cooling of the air and the presence of particles of the air.

Why does condensation occur when moist air rises?

Condensation may occur when moist air rises because of the different arrangement of water molecules.

When do cold fronts occur?

Cold fronts occur when masses of cold air with varying temperatures collide. When this occurs, it results in the warm air rising and being replaced with the cold air.

What is thermosensitive proteins?

Thermo-sensitive proteins refers to the living organisms that are very sensitive to air temperature outside the narrow range.

Which process does not occur in the nasal cavity?

diffusion of air through air sacs

When does lightning occur?

when the air becomes charged (:

Where does indoor air pollution occur?


What is needed for rust to occur?

moisture and air

When air becomes saturated what can occur?


When does air pollution occur?

Air pollution occurs every time a harmful gas is released in the air

Does dry air only occur in warm air?

No, dry air is caused by a lack of moisture in the air. It can happen in warm or cold air.

What season do wind storms occur?

There is no real season that wind storms occur, windstorms occur when there is uneven heat and pressure in the air.

What is thunder and how does it occur?

thunder is an electrical phenomenon which occur when air warms and expansion of it takes place.

Where do Precipitation and storms occur in?

Does precipitation and storms occur in high pressure sytems Precipitation and storms occur when cold air meets hot air. This can also happen when a cold front moves into a warmer area.

Why can a freefall occur only when there is no air?

An object is in free fall only if gravity is pulling it down and no other forces are acting on it. Because air resistance is a force, free fall can occur only where there is no air.

What is the temperature in which air is saturated and condensation can occur?

The temperature in which air is saturated and condensation can occur is the "dew point." It has no specific temperature but it occurs when the air is saturated. The air is saturated when it has a relative humidity of 100 percent, or if i cools down to its dew point.

What are the two major changes that occur in air when it is heated and cooled?

Heated air will rise, cooled air will sink.