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It absorbs the heat from the sun, it is a better conductor of heat than the air so it remains warm longer.

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Q: Why does the ground get warm during the day?
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Why does the ground heat up during day time?

The ground becomes warm during the day time because the sun transfers its heat to the ground as it hits the earth,

How does the ground get warm during the day?

The Sun heats the ground, then the ground heats the air. Consequently, the coldest part of the day is usually about half and hour to an hout after sunrise.

When do you expect high humidity during warm day or cold day?

warm day

How warm does Uranus get during the day?

400 degrees

How does a Siberian tiger stay warm?

They sleep during the day and hunt during the night.

Most animal sleep during the day in underground burrows?

To stay warm and safe. Under ground is warmer and most animals can not get to them but some can dig up the burrows. - I hope this helps

Will mother raccoons feed during the day?

Yes, they will feed during the day so they can protect their young at night and keep them warm.

How does the air move during day time and during night time?

the cool air pushes the warm air

Are cats coldblooded because they sleep during the day?

No. Cats are warm blooded mammals.

Where do animals in the desert hide during a hot day?

in the shade or under ground

Why does a layer of fog often form over the ground in the early morning?

If the previous day was very warm, and the overnight air is very cool, ground fog is common in the morning.

Will pond water evaporate faster on a warm sunny day or on a warm sunny day or on a warm cloudy day bc?

warm sunny day