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Q: Why does the inconsistency in the rate at which genes mutate make molecular clocks difficult to read?
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How long does it take for a virus to mutate?

The time it takes a virus to mutate varies depending on the virus. However, viruses mutate frequently so it is very difficult to completely eradicate a virus.

The some hive cells mutate making it difficult to produce a vaccine?


Why aren't there many antiviral drugs?

Viruses have the ability to mutate, essentially changing their molecular structure. A drug that was efficacious before the mutation would be rendered ineffective afterwards.

A sentence for mutate?

I was tranfixed as I watched the man mutate into a werewolf.

What part of speech is mutate?

Mutate is a verb.

Is mutate spelled right?

'Mutate' is spelled correctly as you did it.

What do you do on mutate the labrat?

you basically mutate the rat simple as that

Can pollution mutate clovers?

yes pollution can mutate clovers

When was Lorelei - Mutate - created?

Lorelei - Mutate - was created in 1969.

When was Piper - Mutate - created?

Piper - Mutate - was created in 1969.

How does rubella mutate?

Yes, the measles virus does mutate but only slightly.

How do you mutate your rat in mutate the lab rat?

You have to use the Mutagen chemical on it and it will mutate. Be careful, too many doses of it will kill the lab rat!