Why does the lion attack temas?

Updated: 9/26/2023
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becuase he got in the way when the lion was going after medoto

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Q: Why does the lion attack temas?
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Why is medoto temas's enemy?

because they were both attracted to kileghen and temas was afraid of the lion that he will fail

How does Tesma escape from the jaws of the lion?

Temas got a sword and slashed the lion

Summary of brothers are the same?

Temas is apart of an African tribe, he needs to fight a lion as tradition in order to be acceptapted into the tribe as a man. While scared and nervous of fear Temas does his best in fighting the lion and is accepted as a man in the tribe when he wins the battle. Hope this helped!

Who is medoto temas enemy in brothers are the same?

Medoto and Temas are two different people. Medoto is Temas' enemy in "Brothers Are the Same"

When was No Temas al Amor created?

No Temas al Amor was created in 1980.

When was Temas Cabo-verdianos created?

Temas Cabo-verdianos was created in 1950.

Why is temas more afraid of failing than of being hurt or killed by a lion?

Because he was more afraid of being laughed at by Medeto and if he fails kileghen will see his failure.

What is a sentence for attack?

The lion had to attack it's prey for food.

When will a lion not attack you?

A lion will not attack you if it isnt hungry, (It would hunt and kill you if it was) and if it thought you weren't going to cause the lion or it's cubs any harm. Simples.

How do you survive a lion attack?

You are unlikely to.

How many people could survive a lion attack?

Not many people could survive a lion attack because they're so aggressive.

Is there any animal that will attack a panda?

yes, a lion would attack a panda