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The moon reflects the sun's light back to Earth. It cannot produce its own light.

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Q: Why does the moon appears to shine in the night sky?
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Is the moon a huge ball of rock that appears to shine in the night sky?


Which object appears the brightest in the night sky?

the moon because it is bigger at night

What appears in a dark circle inthe night sky on certain days?

the moon

The Moon appears larger in the sky during?

The Moon appears larger in the sky during

Why can you see the planets and your moon in the night sky?

Because the sun shines on them and illuminates them, exactly the way you shine a flashlight on a rock in order to see it at night.

Why did the moon shine when there was utter darkness in the sky?

The light form the moon is sunlight reflected from the moon's surface when sunlight fall onto it. Thus while you are in the Earth's shadow (night time) the moon is not. :)

What does the sun appear to do each day?

It appears to shine in the sky.

How does the moon appear to shine so brightly in the night sky?

because it will absorb the light of sun and reflected back to the earth. thats why...

Why is the moon sky dark and filled with stars day and night?

The blueness of the earth's sky is due to the sunlight passing through the atmosphere. There is no atmosphere on the moon, so the sky appears black. The sky is not filled with stars during the day on the moon, with the sun in the sky it is far too bright to see the stars.

Why does the Moon glow when its night time?

The moon can be seen in both daylight and the night sky, which depends on the phase of the moon. The moon appears to be brighter and glow in darkness because the level of light in the sky is less than of the moon. One common misconception about the moon is that it produces it's own light - scientists know this is true since it reflects different amounts of sunlight as it orbits the Earth (this is also why the moon appears to "change shape").

Which phase of the moon has the longest duration in the night sky?

Which phase of the moon has the longest duration in the night sky?

How does the moon shine in the sky with no light of its own?

it reflects the light of the sun