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Most Likely The Nose In Hollow As Is The Ear Canal Allowing The Sound To Travel. One Other Thing You Have Tubes That Run From The Inner Ear To The Noise And Throat Area. Remember The Last Earache. Those Little Tubes Get Filled With Infection Putting Pressure On The Ear. I Suggest You Stop Doing This You Might Get Those Eustachia Tubes To Act Up And Get An Earache.

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A cassette Walkman is a handheld music player which you put a cassette in and headphones in the listen to music.

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go boo boo

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you have this usb thing were it has a small usb and large usb. you put it the big usb in the usb port and the small in were you put it in chargehing then wait then you go to the music player on the computer and put the music in

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