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because the name satellite is given to the natural satellite of the earth.

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Q: Why does the name satellite given to the satellite?
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What is a name of a satellite?

"Luna" is the name given to the natural satellite of the earth.

Sputnik was the name given to the first what?

Man-made satellite

6 What name is given to the orbit of an artificial communications satellite?


What first thing was name sputnik given first?

Human made satellite

What is the name given to bodies that orbit a planet?

A Satellite. That is the proper name for a body, natural or man-made.

Why the name has been given satellite for bus terminals?

An urban or suburban community located near a big city.

What name was given to the border line between the soviet satellite nations and West Germany?

It was part of the Iron Curtain.

Name the different kinds of satellite?

land satellite sea satellite communication satellite weather satellite and spy satellite

What was the name of the satellite launched by the US?

the name of the satellite was called Explorer

What is the name of the moons satellite?

The Moon has no satellite.

What kind of Technology has Astronomy given us?

i suppose it's given us the idea for satellite technology mainly because the moon is a natural satellite.

Name of the smalllest satellite?

The name of the smallest satellite is called a FASTSAT microsatellite.