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The glass of cold water will try to attain equilibrium (w.r.t temperature) and absorb heat from the surroundings. As a result the moisture present around the glass will condense on to the surface of the glass and the glass gets wet.

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Q: Why does the outside of a glass of cold water get wet?
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Why does cold water wet outside the glass?

This is caused by any cold drink. It's caused when the air outside of the glass cools down, trapping some of the water vapor, and or turning to precipitation on the outside of the glass, where it's cold.

Why does the outside of the glass get wet when you have cold liquid in it?

Because the molecules in the water are really cold and since they are cold they are moving around lots which creates a lot of energy therefore making the glass sweat!

Why does a cold glass of water leave a ring on the table?

A glass of cold water leaves a wet ring on the table because the heat energy from the outside and the cold glass of water inside the cup then it begins to drip Yea its a little confusing i don't know how to explain it very well

When water vapor condenses on surfacesit is known as?

Dew, condensation or in some cases: sweat (like when a glass of cold water gets all wet on the outside).

Why do the windows on a car steam up on a cold wet day?

on a wet day the air contains too much h20 in form of vapour in it. since the inside of the car is warm and outside cold, the vapour condenses on the outer side of glass to liquid form.this water on glass we observe as steaming of glass.

Why does the outside of an ice cold water bottle get wet?

Water vapor for the surrounding air is condensing onto the cold surface.

Is water cold or wet?


An apple out from refrigerator outside become wet with water?

This is because the water vapour in the air condenses on the cold surface of the apple.

When a bottle is cold why does the outside get wet after you leave it for a while?

This is due to condensation. The cold surface of the bottle condenses the water vapor in the air (humidity) into liquid water.

Why is an apple is taken out from a refrigerator and kept outside for sometime becomes wet with water?

Since the apple is cold, the water vapour in the air condenses on the surface of the apple. This is why it becomes wet with water.

Why is it that the outer wall of a glass cup is wet when a cold water is poured in the glass cup?

Water from the air condensates on the glass cup. Because the air is cooling down, it can no longer hold as much humidity as it did (saturation).

What process caused the outside of the glass to become wet?

The glas condensation.

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