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The rock cycle plays a significant part in the history of Earth, because of its orbit

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Q: Why does the rock cycle play a significant part in the history of the earth?
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Is earth part of the water cycle?

Yes earth is a part of water cycle. Water returns back to earth's surface.

What do clouds do for earth?

They are part of the water cycle.

Is snow a part of water cycle?

Yes snow is a part of water cycle. It reaches earth after precipitation

Are you in the nitrogen cycle?

Yes. All life on earth is part of the nitorgen cycle.

Are earthquakes part of earth's natural cycle?

sure, why not?

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What does ground water do to earth?

It is part of the water cycle and that part is called precipitation!

Do you have a water cycle in your front yard?

Yes, every part of the earth is involved in the water cycle. If you mean complete water cycle then no, but part of the water cycle exists in your front yard

Why is rainfall a key part in the water cycle?

Rainfall returns water back to earth. So it plays a key part in water cycle.

Water moves from the surface of the earth into the atmosphere in a water cycle?

This is the evaporation part of the cycle.

What is one of the main differences between the phosphorus and sulfur cycles?

The atmosphere has no significant role in the phosphorus cycle, but is an essential part of the sulfur cycle.

Why do you have a day and night cycle?

The Reason for a cycle of day and night is all based on the rotation of the earth. During the day, the part of the earth where you are located is facing the sun, and during the night, the part of the earth where you are located is facing away from the sun.