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Why does the rose plant have thorns?

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Rose plants have prickles not thorns. Prickles are sharp pointed hairs that contain epidermal and subepidermal tissues. A thorn is a short, sharp modified stem. Roses use prickles to ward off predators which may help extend their life.

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How do thorns of rose plant help to get sunlight?

The thorns of the rose plant does not help it to get sunlight but it defends it

Why does a rose plant have thorns?

they have thorns to defend its predators from harming it or they would die.

What are protective structure of rose?

The protective structure of a rose is the thorns. The thorns grow up and down the stems of the plant. It protects the plant from being eaten.

What is the protective structure of a plant rose?

The protective structure of a rose is the thorns. The thorns grow up and down the stems of the plant. It protects the plant from being eaten.

What is the purpose of thorns in a rosebush?

The purpose of prickles, or rose thorns, is to protect the plant from predators.

Which rose bush has no thorns?

Is there a rose bushthat has no thorns.

What is the meaning of the idiomatic expression 'a rose among the thorns'?

A rose is a plant with sharp thorns on the stems. If you find "a rose among the thorns," you find a soft flower among the sharp thorns. The term can be used to mean anything nice found among not-so-nice things. You might say that someone is "a rose among thorns" if everyone around them is either unpleasant or incompetent.

Why are there thorns on rose bushes?

This is the plant's defense mechanism. The thorns keep birds and other predators away from the plant so it can live and grow.

What are some differences between a cactus and a rose?

Cactus is xerophytic plant whereas rose is a mesophyte. A cactus has spines, and a rose has thorns.

Why does a rose have thorns?

Roses have thorns to protect against predators. If a plant is covered in sharp thorns it's hard for large herbivores/omnivores (deer for example) to eat the stems, leaves, flowers, and fruit. Small plant eaters, like aphids, can still eat the plant parts very easily, though.

How did rose protect them from their enemies?

The thorns of the rose protects it.

Aside from the rose - what kinds of pretty flowers have thorns?

aside from the rose, what kindi of pretty flowers that have a thorns?

What is the Behavioral adaptation of a rose?

Thorns, for one behavioral adaption, using the term " behavioral adaption " loosely. Predator of roses, such as herbivores, are dissuaded from eating roses by the thorns grown by the plant.

What are the release dates for Thorns from a Rose - 2011 SUSPENDED?

Thorns from a Rose - 2011 SUSPENDED was released on: USA: 2011

What are adaptation of a rose?

Through evolution, the rose developed thorns to protect itself. Rose plants grew these thorns as a defense mechanism to keep creatures from eating them.

What is the protective structure rose?

the protective structure of rose are thorns.....

What plant has thorns?

All Berberis have good thorns.rose have thorns.

What are some example sentences about rose the flower?

She grew a rare hybrid rose.A rose contains many thorns. The red rose is a symbol of love.

How does a rose protect itself?

by thornsEvery rose has it's thorn.

Even the most rose has thorns Ugly?

No. It's " Every rose has it's thorns." . Even the most beautiful things can be dangerous or hurtful.

What is the structural adaptation of rose?

A structural adaptation of a rose is that many different types have thorns on their stems. They also are very strong flowers.

Why do rose have prickles?

Rose plants probably developed thorns to protect the plant from predators or scavanging animals that may have wanted to eat it. We are talking hundreds of thousands if not millions of years ago

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