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The sound not travel through vacuum because sound need a medium to travel.

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Q: Why does the sound not travel through vacuum?
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How fast can sound travel through a vacuum?

Sound cannot travel through a vacuum.

Can sound travel through vacuum tube?

Sound cannot travel through vacuum, but unless there is sufficient insulation, sound might travel through the material the tube is made of.

What sound cant travel through?

sound can't travel through a vacuum. or a place without air.

Can sound travel easily through a vacuum?

sound cannot travel through a vacum

What can not travel through a vacuum?


The velocity of sound in vacuum is?

It is told that sound cannot travel trough vacuum. Sound can only travel through medium.

Does sound travel in vaccum?

Sound needs a medium through which to travel. It will not travel in a vacuum.

What can light travel through that sound cant travel through?

light can travel through a vacuum whereas sound cant

How fast do sound waves travel through a vacuum?

You'd have to say that the speed of sound waves in vacuum is zero, becausesound can't travel through vacuum at all. Not even an inch. Sound needs amaterial substance to travel through.

If a tree fell in a vacuum why wouldn't you hear a sound?

Sound does not travel through a vacuum.

Which medium does sound not travel through?


Light can travel through a vacuum as is evidenced when you see the sun or the moon. Can sound travel through a vacuum also?

No, sounds cannot travel through a vacuum. This is because sound requires a medium to travel through because it requires the vibration of particles to travel and there need to be particles to vibrate for it to travel through.