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Tire out of balance or bent wheel.

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Q: Why does the steering wheel shake at low speed?
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Why do Honda Accord steering wheel shake at low speed and not at high speed?

It could be a shifted belt in one of the tires.

Why does 1999 escort steering wheel shake at low spped mostly starting out?

Low speed problems like that are usually either a bad tire, bent wheel or a problem with CV joints.

Why does my steering wheel shake when I drive?

At low speed: Damaged or failed tire, bent wheel, damaged brake, damaged axle. Dangerous failure of a wheel bearing. At high speed generally a wheel balanace problem. While braking a bent or warped brake component.

What causes front end to shake at low speed?

Tire out of balance, bent wheel, defective tire, worn suspension or steering parts. Have the tires balanced, and all parts inspected.

Why does your steering wheel wobble while driving even at a low speed?

The steering wheel wobbles, because of the unconditional pressures from the ground that is adjusted at speeds when it reflects gravity.

How do you fix a shaking steering wheel?

You probably need to get your tires balanced. Or replaced. If the bias goes (steel belt breaks or shifts), the car will waddle at low speeds, and the steering wheel will shake at high speeds.

Why does steering wheel wobbles while driving at low speed?

Unbalanced wheels or a bent track rod

What causes a creaking from the steering wheel at low speed?

You might possibly have a bent drive shaft, or if you have oversized tires they could be rubbing against the wheel wells

Steering wheel noise?

Means your steering wheel pump might be going bad. But first check your steering wheel fluid you could be very low.

What is speed sensitive power steering?

When the car is driven at low speed, the power steering gives full assist so the driver can turn the steering wheel easily. Parking or turning tight corners can be done with little effort. As vehicle speed increases, the mount of power steering assist is reduced and the steering wheel becomes harder to turn. This gives the driver more feedback about road conditions through the steering wheel and better vehicle control. If an emergency arises and the driver needs to turn the steering wheel quickly, the full power assist is provided almost immediately after the wheel is turned only a few degrees.

What can cause a Chrysler Concorde to shake at low speeds?

Tires,inner tie rod bushings, if the steering wheel shakes when brakes are applied - brake rotors warped.

What causes Steering whine when i turn the steering wheel in a 98 grand am?

Low steering fluid can cause a steering wheel to whine when turning. A worn steering belt can also cause a steering wheel to whine when a car is being turned.

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