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As gravity pulls more material toward the center of the protostar, the pressure inside the protostar builds.

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Q: Why does the temperature of a protostar increase?
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How are temperature and density affected when a protostar begins to collapse?

Both will increase.

Why does temperature increase more rapidly in a more massive protostar than in a less masive protostar?

because the jews said so

What happens to the surface temperature and luminosity when gravity first assembles a protostar from a collapsing cloud?

Its surface temperature and luminosity increase.

What is the temperature of a protostar?

the color of the protostar is red

Inside a prostar the nuclear fusion of hydrogen will begin when?

The core of the protostar reached an extremely high temperature

The earliest stage of a stars life is called a?

A Protostar.

Why does temperature vary with height?

As temperature increase pressure will increase

How is a protostar different from a star?

A star begins its life as a ball of gas and dust. Gravity pulls the gas and dust into a spere. As the sphere becomes denser, it gets hotter and eventually reaches temperature of about 10,000,000 Celsius in its center. As hydrogen combines into helium, energy is released in a precess called neclear fusion.

How long does a protostar live?

A protostar will live as long as 100,000 years. After material stops falling on the protostar it will enter then T Tauri star phase.

Are protostar a star?

A protostar is more like a stage previous to a star - before it ignites.

What is the life span of protostar?

A protostar takes about 100,000 years to reach the main sequence.

What compound increase in solubility as temperature increase?

The vast majority of compounds increase in solubility as the temperature increases.