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Why does the tide stop at the beach?

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The Ocean Only Has So Much Water. No Mater Where It Stopped Unless Caused By Storm Or Earthquake. It Would Be A Beach.

2006-08-09 12:30:34
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What are the name of the wooden things on a beach that stop the tide coming in?

They are called groins.

Whenthe water is closest to the beach is it high tide or low tide?

high tide

What happens to a beach during a low tide?

Low tideMore shells are exposedMore exposed beachSand flats & tide pools remain

What is the time for high tide at foxton beach?

Todays foxton beach tide 8.30 am low tide 10.15 am high tide 1:00 pm low tide 4:00 pm high tide 7:00 pm low tide

Area between high tide and low tide levels?


What is Area between high tide and low tide levels?


When does a slack tide occur?

When its dark on the beach that's when a tide occurs

What beach does Miley Cyrus go to?

California Beach Tide.

Does high tide have more beach?

No, low tide has more visible beach. In a high tide scenario, the water level has risen, making the water line creep up the beach, thus reducing the amount of visible beach above the water line.

How many low tide and high tide do you have?

Low tide is when ocean water recedes from the beach. High tide is when the ocean water climbs

What happens to the ocean tide when gravitational pull is at its strongest?

When gravitation pull is at its strongest, we have spring tides. The spring tide reaches far up the beach at high tide, and also goes far down the beach at low tide.

What is the difference between a flood and a ebb?

These words are used to describe the tides. A flood tide is incoming on the beach, and an ebb tide is outgoing from the beach.

Area between high-tide and low-tide levels?


Why did the chicken cross the beach?

To get to the other tide!

What tide pulls you away from the beach?


Where can you find the tide tables for Talacre beach for July?

Just type into any search engine, and the name of the beach. This will give you the tide times.

Which is an intertidal area?

The intertidal area is the part of a beach that is underwater at high tide but not at low tide.

When is the intertidal covered with water?

When the flood tide comes in and covers the beach to the high tide line.

What is the area between high-tide and low-tide levels called?


How can scientist protect a beach from erosion?

They can make walls to stop the tide from coming up so high and so it can't take away the sand.

What might it be helpful to know when high tide and low tide may occur?

So you don't pitch your tent on the beach when the tide is coming in?

How was Jekyll Island formed?

The beach was formed be the tide.

Is the tide closer to you standing on the beach when it is out?

no its further away

What figure of speech is you cannot stand on the beach and hold back the tide?

You cannot stand on the beach and hold back the tide is both an analogy and a metaphor.

Can you camp on a beach or is it dangerous?

you can camp on a beach beach because the tide would make the tent wet and the beach is where people play not camp.