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Why does the upstairs area of a 1.5 story house feel very hot in summer and cold in winter?

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There are a few possible reasons, so it's hard to answer definitively without knowing the particulars of your house. For instance, you don't mention whether you have air conditioning and, if so, what type. Having said that, the most likely cause for a wide temperature range between the two levels is bad insulation. If your house is a Cape Cod-style dwelling or a split-level where the second floor has little or no attic above it, it may be chronically hot in summer (and cold in winter) because the living area is directly below the sun-drenched roof. If there is an attic above it, it may be poorly insulated or ventilated, or both. Make sure you have plenty of insulation placed on the attic floor, and ensure there are adequate fans and vents to keep the attic temps down to reasonable levels. There should be at least one exhaust fan and two vents, one on each side of the house, or in the soffits. Keeping the attic from overheating will not only make the second deck more comfortable, it will prolong the life of the roof. The insulation in the attic will also help keep the second floor warm in winter.

2006-08-21 18:51:11
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