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I had the same problem with my '97 Astro van, the plastic vacuum line from the PCV valve to the vacuum cannister underneath the front end had broken. It might not be that vacuum line, but you do have a vacuum leak somewhere.

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Need cost for cable on a ford focus that allows you to switch from deforst to vent?

Go to NAPA, Ford dealer, TrakAuto or AutoZone.

How do you repair an ignition switch on a 1997 GMC Jimmy 4X4?

you cannot repair the switch,you must replace and relearn.gmjim

Ford F150 ignition switch will not spring back?

I have the same problem. I thought it was in the key side of the switch, so I bought one to replace it. When I went to install the new one I had purchased, I found that it did not have any spring in it to return it to the start postion. After this I removed the wired side, dismantled it and discovered that the metal piece that makes the switch return had broken off. I did repair it although it has not completly fixed the problem. I would suggest a new switch on the wired side.

How do you assemble an air bag switch on a Picasso?

NEVER attempt to repair air bags. They are dangerous and can KILL YOU. Replace them and have them certified by the manufacturer(dealer). If it is a switch, take it to a dealer to repair. I have to add,,,,if you do attempt to repair the switch and power is applied and the air bags blow, you CANNOT DRIVE THE CAR.

How do you repair the power door lock on 1998 dodge ram 2500 truck door panel removal and repair of the lock?

If your windows still work on the switch than it is most likely that the switch is bad I had the same problem with mine and it was the switch

How do you repair the switch for the bright lights for a 1992 Buick LeSabre?

replace the combination switch on the turn signal stalk

How can you repair a P0845 problem in a third clutch pressure switch circuit?

Replace the clutch pressure switch in your Honda.

How to fix 2002 caravan turn signal switch works but will not return?

my turn signal works but my switch will not return after i make a turn. please explain to me how to fix the problem

What is the average repair cost to fix an electric window switch motor or wire on a 1994 Honda accord?

what is the average repair cost to fix an electric window switch motor 2003 jeep

How do you repair a brake switch on harley softtail?

If you have to ask: by taking it to a mechanic.

How do you repair headlight switch in Chevrolet cavaliers?

The headlight switch is not repairable in a Cavalier. The switch will need to be removed and replaced. The procedure is different, depending on the Cavaliers year.

What do you do return a call on hold?

Your phone will give you options to return a call on hold. It might say 'switch call' or ''switch''. You press that button and it will take you back to your call that is on hold.

How do you repair the F-250 super duty mirror will not adjust using the mirror adjustment switch?

switch wiring or mirror it's self probly switch

How do you fix electric windows in Chevy celebrity?

How to repair electric windows depends on what is wrong with them. If the motor that runs the window has burned out then replace the motor. If the switch is faulty then replace the switch. Check for broken wires, repair them if found.

Cost to repair a turn signal switch on a 1997 Chevy Lumina?

Just had my turn signal switch replaced, for the second time, on my '98 Chevy Lumina. I paid $260 to a fairly trustworthy auto repair mechanic

How do you repair a neutral safety switch on a 1995 Jeep Cherokee?

The neutral safety switch and backup light switch are one in the same. You have to replace it. It is located on the transmission where the shifter connects to it.

What is over hoist limit switch?

it s a limit switch to prevent the wire breakage due to increase the hook

What statement can be used instead of break in switch case?

In Java, if you don't want to break out of the switch code-block you could 'return' to exit the method with the switch statement. char ch = getChar(); switch(ch) { case 'a': // do something break; case 'b': // do something else return; .... } // break resumes here

Can you switch an American girl doll order?

. No, but you can exchange or return no matter what

Door switch for interior light vw polo?

The door switch for the VW Polo can go bad and cause the interior light to stay on. The switch must be changed, there is no way to repair it.

How do you increase the volume on the iPad 1?

There is a volume rocker switch on the right hand side.

Why parking lights stays on after car is turned off?

Most likely because the switch is stuck in one position. Find the switch and repair or replace.

How do you fix a window stuck in your car?

First test to see if the problem is the switch, wiring, or the motor. Here's how replace the regulator if the switch and wiring test good. Here's how

Why wont my suzuki dr 650 restart after pushing kill switch?

Possibly the kill switch did not return to the 'on' position. On my 2003, you press the kill switch once for 'off' and the button stays 'in'. Press it again to return in to the 'out' or 'on' position. Sometimes it sticks in the 'in' position and will not start (starter will not turn over).

Why wont windows and wipers work on 99 escalade?

There is a contact in the ignition switch that goes bad. It also powers the radio. So the switch probably does not work when ever it feels like it. I believe the ignition switch is going bad. There is a box under the center console that has bad solder connectors. Check each connector. When you wiggle it you should get a return to the solder joint and you should be fine.