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The car is running into the rain as it falls.

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The raindrops are carried by the wind from the front of the car towards the windshield, causing them to hit and spread across the surface, making it wet. The speed of the car also contributes to the impact of the raindrops on the windshield, leading to the accumulation of water on the surface.

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Q: Why does the vertically falling rain make the front wind screen of the moving car wet?
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Why does the front wind screen of a moving car get wet when rain is falling vertically downward?

-- A raindrop takes some time to fall through a distance equal to the height of the windscreen. -- In that length of time, the car moves some distance forward. -- Any raindrop that is directly in front of the windscreen, but nearer to it than the distance the car will move before the raindrop falls past the bottom of the windscreen, will splat against the windscreen as its fall is interrupted.

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