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To put it simply, our cells have some sort of way to push back. I believe this is just air. If this air was taken out, we would collapse and die. This can be seen in a few examples.

On an airplane, you change height very quickly. You reach a higher altitude, which is a lower pressure. However your cells cant adjust fast enough, so they are still pushing hard. This is what we call, ear popping.


The weight of air on top of us is being supported by the air below compressing it. Since air is a fluid, the weight, which is a force, is not transmitted just straight down, it is transmitted in all directions, pressure in the air.

So, the air surrounding our body is not pushing us down, what it is doing is compressing it from all sides. Most of our body is formed by liquids which have very

small compressibility. The air we breath is at the outside pressure, but the gas in

in inside cavities, like air entrapped inside the ear, specially when having a cold because of tissue inflammation, expands when outside pressure is reduced (like when

going up in a plane), and then compresses when landing.

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Q: Why does the weight of air pushing down on your bodies doesnt make us collapse?
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