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Q: Why does the word month come from the word moon?
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What does the word month come from?


Does a full moon come once a month?

Yes the moon comes out as full moon once every month

How the moon got its name?

The moon got its name because the word moon comes from the root word mona. Mona is the Latin word for month. The moon takes about a month to travel around a month to go from full moon to full moon. The moon was just named, moom because at the time, it was the only one discovered.

When does a full moon come out?

A full moon comes out once a month

Why does the moon take one month to revolve around Earth?

Because that's what a month is. The word month comes from moon.

Where did the length of the month come from?

the phases of the moon

What do the Greek word month mean?

Month is not a Greek word... it is of Germanic origin and relates to the word 'moon'.

How often does a full moon come out?

A full moon usually comes out once a month, but can sometimes come out twice a month like in the upcoming December this year(2009).

What date did new moon come out?

the new moon was on the 13th of this month it already happened

Why is a month a month?

A month is one cycle of the moon from full through new and back to full. This takes 29.5305882 days. The word "month" in fact has the same roots as the word "moon." More at

How does the word month get its name?

from a variation of the Greek word meaning "moon".

When will harvest moon animal parade come to the UK?

it will come out in 2010 dont know what month will it come out.