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The reason water freezes is that as heat energy leaves the water, the water molecules move more slowly. Ice crystals begin to form a solid lattice with higher cohesion between molecules. If the ice is reheated, it will lose its lattice structure and resume liquid form.

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Q: Why does water freeze?
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Related questions

What kind of water can't freeze?

there's no kind of water can't freeze. sorry actually there is water that cant freeze running water and water falls cannot freeze

Why does water freeze instantly?

Water does not freeze instantly..

What freeze faster salt water or water?

Water will freeze faster than salt water.

What water will not freeze?

Sea water will not freeze.

What happens to water when it gets cold?

It expands when you freeze it

Can you freeze pineapple?

You can freeze anything with water in it. Pineapple does have water, so if you drop the temperature low enough, it will freeze.

Does skim milk freeze faster that water?

water freeze faster

How will water freeze?

water will freeze when it is at its freezing point which is 0 degrees

How do cold air and hot water make the water freeze faster?

Cold air and hot water makes water freeze faster simply because the hot water is steaming and so the result is that there is less water to freeze. hot water = steam = less water less water = faster freeze cold air = faster freeze

What substances can freeze?

Water can freeze

What temperature in Celsius dose water freeze?

Water does (not dose!) freeze at 0 deg C. This applies to pure water at normal atmospheric pressure. Water containing solutes will freeze at lower temperatures, water under pressure will freeze at lower temps.

Can you freeze-dry water?

Water cannot be freeze-dried. Water turns to ice when frozen.

Does salt water or plain water freeze faster?

Pure water freeze faster.

What would freeze faster salt water sugar water or plain water?

The pure water freeze faster.

Why water supply does not freeze in cold?

If the temperature is below freezing a water supply will freeze in the cold weather. The water will not freeze if the temperature is 32 degrees or more.

Does warm water freeze before cold?

Warm water does not freeze before cold water. This is simply a myth. The cooler the water, the less time it takes to cool down and freeze.

How long do it take salt water or water to freeze and which one freeze quicker?

water freezes faster and only water freezes it takes AGES for salt water to freeze water takes about 4 hours in a freezer

Does all water freeze?

All water can freeze, depending on the temperature.

Where does water start to freeze?

at -1 degree c water stars to freeze

Will soapy water freeze faster than fresh water?

No, it will freeze slower.

Does water freeze at o celsius?

water freeze at oo degree celcius

Are icebergs forms of frozen salt water?

No, when water freeze it does not freeze salt.

What is the difference between water in a radiator and antifreeze?

water can freeze. anti freeze can not.

Can you freeze a credit card in water?

You can freeze just about anything in water. Drop it in the water and put it in the freezer.

What will freeze the fastest sea salt water tap water or sugar water?

i think tap water will freeze the fastest