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Heat goes up

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Q: Why does water heat up quickly if the heat is applied from the bottom?
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Does water absorb heat quickly?


Why is the bottom of cooking utensils contained black where as the sides are sorting bright?

The bottom of the pans are reacting to the heat and oxygen in the air, the sides do not have direct heat applied.

Why does the ice melts from top while butter from bottom?

It only depends on how and where the heat is applied.

Does water cool more quickly than land?

Land cools faster because land is floating on the earths surface. Water gets deeper, so the suns heat cant heat the bottom of the ocean as well as the surface

Why water is poor conductor of heat?

it is because the water gets quickly evaporate

Do water evaporate when heat is applied?

Yes it does. Check in your science workbook.

Gains and loses heat much more quickly than?

Water gains and loses heat much more quickly than land.

Does Earth heat faster than water?

correct, and it also loses its heat more quickly.

What happen if heat is applied mat the bottom of the test tube?

differentiate luminous flame from non-luminous flame

What material will boil water the fastest?

The material that will boil water the fastest is metal. Metal is an excellent conductor of heat and will heat the water up quickly.

If there is less water will it get hotter quicker?

Yes, if the same amount of heat is applied.

Is salt water heated quickly than fresh water?

yes salt water is heat quicker