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Because he told them about you.

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Q: Why does your ex-boyfriend's group of friends always stare at you whenever they see you when you never talk to them or your ex who has a new girlfriend for the past 6 months?
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your tripping man

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Maybe the guy ignores you because his girlfriend might be jealous of you? That can be a reason. How about you ask him why he ignores you whenever his gf is with him? So, your friendship won't be ruined right? :)

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cause people can't always hang out with their girlfriend or boyfriend. you need to hang out with friends too

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It depends on what grade you are in but you should always remember that you have that girlfriend. hang around with her after classes and stuff and make an effort to know her friends if you don't already or better if you do. Introduce her to your friends if she doesn't know them.

What does it mean if the boy you like always changes the subject whenever your friends talk to you?

Because he only wants you to know what he is saying

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iIt makes her feel speacial

Why do best friends always get close to your girlfriend?

It is usually because of the competitive nature of most people. Many people are always trying to be better than others and competing for what they have. Your girlfriend is the prize and other guys will try to take her away from you.

What does it mean when your boyfriend is talking to his ex girlfriend and they are best friends?

you can never trust no man with any girl, your friend even if you are best friends and his ex girlfriend... --------------------- A couple can split up and still be friends. Ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends are not always each other's enemies after a break up.

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1. she will always talk about about you to her friends 2. observe her behavior 3. you could just ask her

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You help your friend out as best you can! No one wants to be caught in an embarassing position in front of their boyfriend or girlfriend. You should always help your friends out.

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