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he prolly has sum1 new he's responding to these days

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Q: Why does your ex narcissist ignore your texts?
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What do you do when your narcissist ex does come around?

Ignore him

How do I deal with a backstabbing narcissist?

Ignore them.

What does your narcissist ex feel when you ignore him?

Speaking as a narcissist ex myself, let me detail the feels. 1. My life is over, I'm alone forever 2. Crying 3. Go back to step 1 and repeat until you get over it 4. Back to living

How do you make a narcissist suffer?

IGNORE THEM ! Tell them they're ugly.

How do you beat a narcissist at his own game?

Ignore him 100 percent

Whye would your ex narcissist ignore you?

There are a couple of reasons why he does it: You did critizise him or said something true about him that he didn't like it,or he has a New Supply and devalues you,or he wants to hurt you and get your attention...

Should you ignore your ex?

No, you shouldn't ignore your ex you can still be friends with him / her and talk to them

Should you reply to or ignore your ex when he texts you out of jealousy after finding out that you were on a date last night?

Depends on your views of him/her. If your still friends, then you should. If you aren't, then nah.

Will a narcissist contact you after a break up?

Yes, sometimes a narcissist will contact their ex after a break up because the narcissist cannot imagine their ex with anyone else as the narcissist has a complex of being the greatest at everything including relationships and is ego maniacal.

How to get rid of a narcissist?

Completely ignore him/her and at some point, he/she will go away.

Why is it best to ignore a narcissist?

so they don't have an opportunity to manipulate you and get to you emotionally.

How would a narcissist react to a restraining order?

Many of the ignore the R.O.

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