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try changing the "thermocoupler"( not sure of the spelling) The piolit light heats the termocoupler. looks like a little metal rod that sits above or right next to the piolit light. when the thermocoupler is heated it produces a millivolt of electricity the power it produces is what keeps the gas vaulve open. this is a safety feature, if the piolit light goes out the gas will shut off so that the house does not fill with gas. some times a faulty themocoupler will fail to work consistently. possibly the thermocoupler is in the wrong position and when the firplace is on the draw from it's heat can pull the piolit light off the thermocoupler, when it cools the unit will shut down. it could also be equipt with a safety thermostat designed to shut off the unit if it overheats the unit may be over heating or this thermostat could be malfunctioning. unless you are sure of what are doing, don't mess around with your gas fireplace get a pro to look at it, little things can cause them to be dangerous for example even just improper placement of the logs can create improper burning and cause carbonmonoxide piosoning. Don't play with the lives of your family get a pro.

Thermocouples have no moving parts and do not "go bad" unless physically damaged or filthy with carbon (20 years technician). When a gas log set goes out it is one of two things:

pilot moving away from tip of thermocouple (ods is designed to do this to save your life) which could be ODS or heat-causing movement of thermocouple. The only way to tell is to sit and watch it happen.

Second possibility is the more common issue: use a vacuum to clean the sensors and the air-hole on the pilot flame tube. About 90% of the calls we get with this same complaint, 10 minutes with a vacuum fixes the problem.

On a fully-electronic system it is possible over heating is damaging a module but this is very rare. Overheating is usually a problem that affects the sensors and the air holes because they get dirt and carbon, pet hair, dust, etc sucked-in and needs to be cleaned. This will be explained in detail in your manual.

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Q: Why does your gas fireplace go out after about 2 hours of use?
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Who has the best gas fireplace repair servive?

If you are looking for someone to come in and repair your gas fireplace, I would recommend "a SAFE HOME Gas Fireplace Service, Inc." You can go to their website here:

Why does the gas log fireplace smells like a chemical?

Dude, it's gas. Gas is a chemical. There you go.

Do you need a regulator on a natural gas fireplace?

it is fossil fuel go aqw

Are There Advantages In Using a Natural Gas Fireplace?

A gas fireplace is a great way to go because they can be turned on with a flick of a button and don't produce the soot that a wood burning fireplace does. Also they are widely available and can be cutomized to fit your design style.

If I buy a napoleon gas fireplace, will my heating costs go through the roof?

No, a gas fireplace does not cost that much money to operate. They are more cost friendly than electric heaters.

Can you use real logs in a gas fireplace?

Simple answer: No. Complex version: No freakin' way. That's a great way to burn your house down, give yourself carbon monoxide poisoning, or at least ruin the fireplace. It's not designed to burn any fuel but gas. Any number of things could go wrong if you put wood in there.

What is the difference between catalytic fireplace and noncatalytic fireplace?

In a regular fireplace you burn the fuel, wood, coal, gas or propane, and the byproducts of combustion go up the chimney or out the venting. In a catayltic fireplace those by products go into a catayst that burns at a much higher temperature so it further cumbusts much of the bi-product. The result is increased efficiency and less pollutants and combustion by-products.

Why does your gas log fireplace go out after burning for a few moments and then will not relight?

Device called a thermocouple. Turns off the gas if it does not sense a flame. Check with your local gas appliance repair company, have them replace. Fairly cheap item, and they DO go bad.

Why does burner go out on gas fireplace after it has been used for a while?

Probably the thermocouple needs to be replaced. They serve to keep gas from flowing if the pilot light is out. Contact your gas company for referral to a qualified service company.

Why does your gas fireplace pilot light keep going out?

There is a device called a thermocouple that the pilot light flame touches. It senses if there is no flame, and turns off the gas. They go bad- have yours replaced.

Why does the gas log fireplace not heat a room?

It's most likely a woodburning/vented fireplace, by design the combustion air used to burn gas logs comes directly from the room, and all the fumes/hot air go up the chimney. The fireplace actually pulls outside air into the home to replace the air lost up the chimney. All the heat is radient, so if nothing is there the feel the heat, it is lost.

How much heat does a gas fireplace produce?

Your question is sort of like how fast a car can go- depends on the car. There are different fireplaces- vented, ventless, heat exchanger, etc etc. We had a ventless fireplace with a heat exchanger- and it produced a good deal of heat. Others may be less. You should talk with a gas appliance dealer of your local gas utility for more information.

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