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Why does your guinea pigs ears turn red sometimes?


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This may happen when your pet is too warm or excited.

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No. Baby pigs are called piglets. Guinea pigs are a completely different species of animal.

Some guinea pigs fur may get lighter or darker but will no turn different colors

i have a guinea pig and i will say 11 months old the guinea pig will turn fluffy

No, it may make them sick.Guinea Pigs should not eat Dairy Products as it can be harmful for their system. Although most Guinea Pigs would turn away from the smell of Dairy Products, some still might. Do not feed your Guinea Pig cheese!

They usually don't. But when they do, it's their turn to dominate the earth.

If you turn them over you will see a difference

You can, but it would be wiser to get them at 4-6 weeks old. If you get them to young, they might turn out to be scaredy-pigs.

On guinea pigs' boobies! :)Turn them on their back and look on their stomach and then look lower near the pelvis! their should be two of them

Only if they are dead. Then their main goal would be to place eggs in the body of the guinea pig. The eggs turn into maggots, that then eat the guinea pig.

Guinea Pigs, unlike cats and dogs, don't lick themselves. Therefore, Guinea Pigs don't have hairballs. Improvement: However, some guinea pigs are prone to "barbering" to eating fur off either themselves, other pigs, or their human companions. Excessive barbering can lead to hairballs which in turn can lead to anorexia and weight loss and must be treated.

they will be curious towards each other but may turn to fighting.DO NOT keep a hamster and guinea pig together on long term

I really dont know. But i have a guinea pig and i bathed him but not 4 long because i did not know how it would turn out

Yes, male and female guinea pigs can get along BUT they WILL breed CONSTANTLY! It is not recommended that you keep them together because they reproduce so quickly. WARNING: If you keep them in the same cage, it will only take about a year for you cute couple to turn into a family of 150 pigs!

Your ears may sometimes feel hot or turn red due to blood rushing to the area. This is sometimes caused by emotions, fears, embarassing moments, so forth.

No, they will not turn mean after giving birth, they will be as friendly as ever they don't even care if you touch their baby if they are just born (witch you can do).

It could be because the bowl is too high for them & they're just trying to get inside.

Guinea pigs themselves are just $20.00, but with everything else their around $100 a month.Don't go I'm not done.They are great for children and adults.You can teach them tricks and turn them into a show guinea pig to win money.You also could buy a girl and a boy and make your job a guinea pig breeder and make lots of money from that.

You cant turn into a guinea pig. I think you should know that.

NO!! when that seems to happen, your guinea pig is female one day and male the next, its nothing more than the fact that male and females' private places are similar. When I tried to figure the gender of my baby guinea pigs, it took a while, but male guinea pigs always make chattering sounds and wobble back and forth on hind legs while sniffing the females rear end.

All of the guinea pigs will turn out black as the only possible combination resulting from that would be Bb.

Yes. You can breed two different kinds of guineas. They will turn out to look like both their mother and father.

Its ears turn red when it becomes agitated.

Only if they are pregnant, or dying either way if you eat a guinea pig while having an asthma attack you will most likely turn into a fairy oh by the way your girlfriend has asthma, i got her out of breath.

No i swear guinea pigs will turn into vampires at night and kill your kids. It happened to me it was so sad i walked into my kids room and they were all bloody and dead.

No, I think they do smell a little bit.For the most part, yes. But it is essential that you keep their cages cleaned and supplied with fresh bedding otherwise the smell will be unbearable. Guinea pigs on occasion, when frightened, also have a tendency to expel gas (fart), in such a manner it may make your stomach turn. Aside from that, they are relatively clean and odorless.

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