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Because it stands as a heat insulator during cold days.

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Q: Why does your hair stand on end when combed on a cold day?
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How can you get sick in a day?

wet your hair with cold water and stand out side in the cold, or you can pretend that you sick by triggering your gag reflex by sticking your hand in the back of your throat.

It is a cold winter day. When you remove your wool snow hat your hair stands up. Why does it do this?

It really does not have anything to do with cold days but with very dry air. Your hair will stand up due to static electricity.

Why does your hair crackle when combed on a dry day?

protons beings shared that means that if they touch they are expersing sparks and negative and poitive are touching. this is a negative touch

Why does my hair stand up when i take off my hat on a cold dry day?

Your hair stands up when you remove your hat in cold, dry weather because of the difference in temperature and humidity. When you wear a hat, it traps heat and moisture close to your scalp, causing your hair to lay flat. Removing the hat exposes your hair to the cooler, drier air, causing it to stand up due to static electricity and the cuticle of the hair strands reacting to the changes in environment.

Why does your hair stand up in a cold dry day?

Cold, dry air can cause the hair cuticles to lift and stand up, creating a static effect. This occurs because the lack of moisture in the air disrupts the balance of electrons on the hair, leading to static electricity buildup. As a result, the lifted hair strands repel each other, causing them to stand up.

Why does hair crackle when combed on dry day?

Yo cool man i don't know though sorry cause i am the one that just asked that question. Try something else ay man

What does GHD stand for?

Apparently it stands for Good Hair Day, but the GHD company haven't confirmed this. It means Good hair doers

Why does your hair stand on end when you take off your hat or a cold dry day?

When you take off your hat, you hair stands on end because of static electricity. Basically, the friction from your hat being removed causes the hairs to lose some electrons and become positively charged. Like-charges repel, so all of the positively charged hairs try to get as far away from each other as possible. This is why it stands on end. When you are cold, your hairs stand up to trap air. Air is a very good insulator, so the hairs trap pockets of it in an attempt to keep you warm. They stand up because little muscles under the skin attached to each hair (called hair erector muscles) contract, pulling the hairs upright.

When air masses meet and stand still over a region they produce a?

A day or weeks of cold, grey, rainy weather.

Can your hair follicles close if you do not wash your hair?

your hair follicles open and close throughout the day. if you dont wash your hair nothing will happen to you or your hair. its safer to have your hair follicle closed to protect you hair. heat opens the follicle as does alkaline or positive Ph soaps and cold or acidic products closes.

Does your hair curl better overnight when its wet or dry?

Wet Hair or Dry Hair?It is better for your hair to be dry. Why? Well, it depends on where you are, or what you are doing. If you are sleeping with wet hair, that might make you sick. Nothing serious, just a minor cold maybe. For me, having wet hair is uncomforable, but that might be different for you. On a cold day, you might get sick also, though it might cool you down on a hot day. Except on a hot day, it would dry quickly. But who cares anyway? Either way your hair is going to dry. It can't stay wet forever.~ShannonYOU SON OF A 888888888888888888

How do you prevent static hair?

when you wash your hair, rinse it with cold water before you get out! this helps it not be as dry and static. Also, try a leave in conditioner, or if youre just having a bad frizzy day, rub a light lotion between your hands and lightly rub through hair.