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It should not "flutter" perhaps you just feel the tightening in your chest. It does increase thoracic pressure which your heart may be reacting to. If you are worried see a doctor and ask for a heart monitor that will record your heart when you yawn.

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Q: Why does your heart flutter when you yawn?
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What is a sentence for the word flutter?

She felt her heart flutter when he waved.

What happens with atrial flutter?

Atrial flutter-- Rapid, inefficient contraction of the upper chamber of the heart.

Heart flutter caused by chemo and menopause?

thats a big possibility

Can indigestion make your heart flutter?

No. Indigestion generally has no effect on the heart whatsoever. The sensations caused by indigestion can feel very much like a "heart flutter", however. In fact, it can sometimes be difficult for a physician to differentiate between the two without further testing. If you are concerned that you may be experiencing heart flutter, I would recommend seeing your doctor for an EKG (electrocardiogram) at the very least, to rule out any sort of heart problem.

Can taking fiber capsules cause heart flutter I just upped my fiber intake to lower cholesterol. Since then I get a flutter in my chest once in a while.?

The flutter could be tiny air bubbles, due to the higher fibre, moving about

What is Flutter and fibrillation and heart block?

3 different heart rhythms... though flutter and fibrillation when talking about the atria are very very similar... many different kins of heart block... if its 3rd its time to goto the hospital and get a pacemaker. even some of the higher type II's

Why would your body flutter or shake inside?

be more specific-heart attack- orgasm- shock-?

What cause your heart to flutter?

1st of all go to a Dr and get it assessed... if it is fluttering all the time it could be a very dangerous rhythm. A Dr will know what to do. You need a heart monitor to assess the rhythm, then if it is indeed "fluttering" medications and/or a procedure known as ablation either radio or cryo could resolve it.

What is it called when the upper chambers of the heart flutters?

Atrial Flutter. You may be thinking of atrial fibrillation, though.

What is the goal of treatment for atrial fibrillation and flutter?

to control the rate and rhythm of the heart and to prevent the formation of blood clots. If the arrhythmia is caused by heart disease, the heart disease will also be treated.

Difference between atrial fibrillation and atrial flutter?

They're he same thing. Atrial flutter is more of a slang term, and is sometimes found in patients with atrial tachycardia. Basically, atrial fibrillation is a disorder, and atrial flutter is a symptom

Do dogs yawn because their owners yawn?

No. They yawn for the same reasons we do.